Do You Love Me

Do You Love Me is a poem asking if someone loves you, after misunderstanding between you.

Do You Love Me

Darling, do you love me
What is this I am hearing?
Please tell me,
Do you love me

Is it the reason you have changed
Coming late and don’t want to go out
You don’t want me around you
Tell me, do you love me

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Darling, tell me the truth
Where did I go wrong?
Is it me?
Please, don’t break my heart

Tell me the truth
Don’t lie to me
I really need us to be together
Do you love me?

Oh darling, do you love me?
I really need to know
You are my heart beat
I can’t imagine you leaving.

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Let me make things right
Let’s start over
Be where we were
Just tell me,
Do you love me?

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