Good Night Messages for Her

Good Night Messages for Her

Looking for Good Night Messages for Her? Send her that romantic good night message.  All a woman is looking for is a lovely man that can be her night smooth.

It’s very important to put a smile on her before she goes to bed at night. It will make her think of you and know that she is still in your thoughts.

Whether you are on a journey or away from for work, there are many ways of making her night. Send her a romantic Good Night love message before she goes to sleep. Put a smile on her face and let her have sweet dreams.

Good Night Messages for Her

1.    Before you go to sleep, just want to let you know I am thinking about you. Good Night.

2.    I wish I was next to you, watch you fall asleep. Good night beautiful.

3.    I think I am going to dream about you tonight. Good night babe.

4.    Just about to fall asleep and I could not resist the thought on how beautiful you are. Good night beautiful.

5.    I wish you were here with me; I could kiss you a good night. Goodnight Gorgeous.

6.    Sweet dreams gorgeous.

7.    Sleep tight beautiful

8.    Good night my Love. Have sweet dreams tonight.

9.    I love you and good night my dear.

10.    I am lucky to have you. You are the love of my life. Sweet dreams gorgeous.

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11.    I’m almost falling asleep; I would like to dream about our life together.  Good night.

12.    You are in love when you can’t fall asleep; having you is like a dream. Can’t wait to wake up and see you tomorrow! Good night.

13.    Love is patient; I can’t wait to see. Good night dear

14.    Just about to jump into my bed, I wish you were here so I could kiss and hug you good night. Good Night beautiful!

15.    As I look through the window, the stars look so stunning. I wish you were here so that we could stargaze together. Good Night

16.    You are so special to me. Good Night

17.    I cannot sleep without wishing you a Good Night.

18.    After spending a wonderful day with you. The best thing is that I will dream about you tonight. Good night

19.    You looked lovely tonight. Sweet dreams beautiful.

20.    I believe you look very beautiful when you are sleeping. I wish I could be with you right now. Good Night.

21.    I can’t stop thinking about you; wish you were here with me, Good Night.

22.    Tonight weather is so amazing; I wish you were here, so that could share with you. Good Night.

23.    Dream sweet dreams. Good night.

24.    Good Night, see you in dreamland.

25.    I feel so tired to stand up; I will have to wish you a good night before I fall asleep. Good Night beautiful, wish I could hug you.

26.    Why do I miss you, you are so addictive. Good Night

27.    Each night, before I fall asleep I think of a reason I love you. You are such a wonderful person. Good Night.

28.    You are such an amazing and wonderful person. I die to become part of you.  Good Night.

29.    My last wish before I fall asleep is to hold you in my arms.  Good Night.

30.    You are my world, my queen and everything I see reminds the moments have shared. Good Night.

31.    You are in my heart tonight, tomorrow and forever. Sweet dreams beautiful.

32.    As the clock ticks, and counts the night away, I wanted to take this moment to let you know how I feel, since you came into my life, you have become my world. I love you beautiful. Good night.


What are you waiting. Choose a Good Night Messages for Her. Send her tonight!

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