Honeymoon on First Class Flight

Honeymoon on First Class Flight

Would you book your Honeymoon on First Class Flight or Fly First Class on Your Honeymoon? This is the question you should ask yourself when making the flight arrangements. Many newlyweds usually prefer going for first class if flying for a long distance for that special romantic occasion.

They usually pay the cost without having a second thought and what package they are likely to get. The concept of first class is changing very fast. Once you start making your reservations know what airlines offer with each class ticket, sometimes first class can be very expensive and sometimes you may not receive the great service you are looking for.

Things to consider before booking first class

What airline you are flying
Do your research; check the airlines first class reviews or feedback. There is a huge variation. Find out what kind of lounge the airline offers and if it offers complimentary alcohol or food and what time the club opens.

How long is your flight?
If your flight is less than two hours or one hour, you may consider saving some cash for other activities at your honeymoon destination. In some flights you may not notice the difference or offer very little service in the flight.

What kind of plane you are flying
Is it a new one or an old type of plane, the comfort and services may differ?

How long is your honeymoon?
If your honeymoon is just a weekend getaway, you would like to spend more time together and opt for first Class and if going for a long honeymoon you would like to save some money to be used to make your honeymoon more memorable

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