10 Tips on How to choose your Honeymoon Tour

10 Tips on How to choose your Honeymoon Tour

How to choose your honeymoon tour can be done by any couple. Perfect honeymoons do not just happen; they have to be carefully planned.

The more you do your honeymoon research, the more romantic and fun your honeymoon will be.
Below are a few things on How to choose your honeymoon tour

•    Decide on your destination
A destination will be determined by many factors especially your interests. Select a destination you would like to travel for your honeymoon that mostly interests you. It can be within your country or a country near you

•    Decide what you would like to do
What would you like to do on your honeymoon? Decide an activity that you would do on your honeymoon with your partner. If you like adventure activities, consider a place that has skydiving, rafting and mountain climbing. History, consider ancient places like China, Egypt or Rome. If relaxing, consider beach destinations or parks to see wild animals if you are a nature person.

•    Check visa requirements for given destination
Check if there are any technicalities required obtaining a visa to the country to visit. Can the visa be obtained on arrival, what will be the charges and requirements?

•    Timing
Consider the best time to travel to a particular destination. Check the weather for the period you want to travel. Also check if the period is off peak or at its peak. Will the destination be overcrowded? Look out for local festivals and holidays. Know the weather, customs and festivities of your travel destination before you decide.

•    Decide on your budget
Decide what kind of budget you have for your honeymoon. Some destinations may be more expensive than others. Research the price of airfare, transportation, accommodation, activities and anything you are interested in doing before making a decision to travel

•    Consult a Travel Agent
Travel Agents mostly have packages put together for honeymooners to make their stay memorable in the different destinations. They will also advise on the best destinations to Travel to

•    Type of Accommodation to use
The type of accommodation to use usually determines the price you are going to pay. We have budget to luxury type of accommodation either in lodges, hotels or tented camps

•    Package
Paying for a honeymoon package; read what the package includes and check the price of what you would like to do that is not included. Check if meals and sightseeing are included.

•    Free time
Does the honeymoon package include some free time? If you would like to spend more time together or do some activities together find out if the destination you or package you are purchasing has some free time.

•    Flight
Consider if you require flying to the point of destination for your honeymoon. Check out the prices of the destinations and compare the prices. Select a destination that best suits you

•    How much time to spend on your honeymoon?
Consider the time to be spend on your honeymoon. Is it 5 days or 7 or even more. Sometimes it does not make sense travelling to far destinations and spend less days there.

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