Love Poems for Her

Love Poems for Her

Looking for Love Poems for Her? Find the best Love Poems for Her. It is important to tell her how much you feel about her. Do not wait for a special occasion to tell her. The time is now!

If you are searching for the best love poems for her that will make her feel the way you feel deeply. We have them right here.

Love Poems for Her

Find some short love poems for her below?



From the time I saw you
I fell in Love with you
The love is true,
I will love you forever

I will always be there
To protect and cherish you
You are the queen of my heart
Forever I am yours.



I was lost in the world until I found you
I never knew what love is
You changed my world
Your love and care is all I long for
I will treasure you always

From the first day I met you
Life has totally changed
You brought blessings into my life
You are my angel, my true love.



In the darkness you are my light
When I am low and down
You are my joy, peace and happiness
When everything is lost
You are my hope

You make my mornings bright
You relax my body in the evening
You make my worries go away
Thank you for being there for me



I am longing for you my love,
Words cannot explain,
What I feel, I can’t hide the emotions
When I am with you,
I want to hold you tight.

I love your smile,
It’s like charm to my heart
You make me happy
My mind is filled with your thoughts.
I never thought much in the past,
Now I think a lot about you.

I love you



When I go to sleep
When I close my eyes
Whatever I do,
You are the one I always think of.

You bring joy to my heart everyday
I pray one day I will repay you
Bring joy and happiness to your life.
You are the one that I need and love



My heart beats for you
When I am with you, I feel weak
My heart beats very fast,
You are part of my heart and soul mate

I cannot wait to be with you
I long for the day we will be one
I will always be there with you
Love you all the days of my life


When I am with you,
The sun shines very bright
When I am with you,
I have the strength to move mountains.

When I am with you,
I can withstand anything.

When I am with you,
Your smile warms my very heart.

When I am with you,
The angels sing your name.

When I am with you,
I fall in love all over again.
You are the love of my life.

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