You are My Dream Come True

You are my dream come true
Every time I fall asleep I have dreams
A lot of the time these dreams come true.
You came into my dreams and I found you

I had been waiting for you
I longed for that day
When I would find you
Now that you are here
I will love you till the end
You are my dream come true

Since I met you my life has changed
I have accomplished a lot
Gone places and blessings come my way
You are my dream come true

I can’t explain how I feel
My love for you comes from the bottom of my heart
Words cannot express how I feel
How you make my dreams come true

You have magical effect on my heart and soul.
I am entirely enchanted by your love.
When I see you, I get a chill in my spine.

My heart beats faster when you hold my hand.
You are my dream come true
I love you

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