Forever and Always Love You

I will Forever and Always Love You
The first day I saw you
I saw an amazing person
I became your best friend
Slowly the love started to grow
The feelings became unexplainable
We became so tight


We started walking together in life
With this love that bound us together
I knew we will never fall apart
No matter the ups and downs of life
I knew I will forever and always love you


You made me realize what I was missing in life
The feeling I had never felt
You brought joy and happiness to my heart
I will do everything to make our relationship work
You know I will forever and always love you


Without you life is meaningless
I don't know what I would do without you
My heart would be torn apart
To appoint I would not recover
I thank God
For every moment we have shared
I will always and forever love you
Until the end of time



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