16 Tips on How to Spend Less on Your Honeymoon or When on Budget

16 Tips on How to Spend Less on Your Honeymoon or When on Budget

There are many Ways to Spend Less on Your Honeymoon or when on budget. You have been saving for months to have that honeymoon vacation getaway, but you are running short of the funds. That should not be the problem; you can still have the honeymoon of your dreams, with these simple tips. The secrets to getting the best for your honeymoon, is to shop around and plan ahead.

1.   Consider using a Honeymoon Registry
Some travel agencies and tour operators offer a registry service whereby they collect, make a follow up and apply contributions from your wedding guests toward your honeymoon expenses. The guests can even sponsor specific activities such as spa treatment, sunset cruise, scuba trip or meal at a romantic restaurant.

2.   Choose a Near destination
Travel to a destination closer to you, the far you travel the more expensive it becomes. For instance if you opt to travel out of the country, you will need a flight ticket, visas and other expenses. If you are in Kenya, and got married in Nairobi, look for options such as Naivasha, Mombasa, Amboseli, Mount Kenya among other destinations

3.  Bed and breakfast reservations
Sometimes it is cheaper booking bed and breakfast only. This is usually if the idea of staying in a hotel for your entire honeymoon does not appeal to you then this could be a best option, where you will spend more time outside exploring your destination. You can sample meals at different restaurants within the destination.

4.  Choose an off season Period
Look out for holiday destinations that are in their low season. During this time the rates will be cheaper and even 80% off.

5.  Book Early
Avoid the last minute bookings, plan your honeymoon vacation early and book early. This will enable you look for different destinations, compare prices and even negotiate before making a decision to book. Unlike last minute booking where you have to rush just to have that honeymoon holiday

6.   Transport
Travelling to your honeymoon destination can be costly due to transport. If you opt to fly take the cheapest option available. You can also travel by road which is much cheaper in order to save on the costs

7.  Research
Knowledge is power when it comes to planning a holiday. Research on things to do at various holiday destinations, enquire from the travel agents, check out the travel blogs and read reviews on Trip Advisor or other places you can find reviews. This will enable you get a feel of what to expect and whether you are actually going to get what you are paying for.

8.  Prepare your own meals
Some cottages come fully furnished and with kitchen equipment. If you would like to save or on a tight budget, you can book a cottage where you can prepare your own meals.

9.  Consider all Inclusive
Sometimes look for hotels that are offering All-inclusive package, this caters for all your meals and drinks while on your stay at the hotel. You will not need to pay any extra coin as most of the services are included on the package. Ideal if you intend to spend most of your time in the hotel.

10.  Take a Garden view or room without a view
Take a room without a view as most hotels charge more for rooms with beachfronts. You can always go to the beach and take the views from there instead of your room.

11.  Advise to be honeymooners
When making your reservations always mention you are booking for your honeymoon. In most cases the hotels or lodges will go out of their way to give you extra services for free that you would have paid for.

12. Set Your Priorities
Decide what your priorities are before you start looking for a honeymoon vacation. If getting away from everything is more important, book a vacation into the wilderness. If pampering yourself and going night out is your top priority, book a long weekend in the suite of a nearby spa resort

13.     Work with a Travel Agent
Working with a travel agent can save you a lot of time and money. They usually offer and give comprehensive packages. They always know where to get last minute offers and package them as one. Also inform the travel agent about your priorities.

14.     Enquire for Packages
When making your bookings or reservations, always enquire about packages. This will save you a lot of money unlike booking each item individually

15.     Choose cheaper destination
Some destinations are cheaper to travel. Choose a cheaper destination

16.     Use Your Frequent Flier Miles or membership rewards or points
At this time if your card has enough points you can redeem them for your honeymoon vacation.

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