2019 Christmas Eve in Kenya

2019 Christmas Eve falls on Tuesday. These make the Christmas holiday to be long, as a result many working Kenyans will be excited to know that they will likely report to work from 27 December 2019 which falls on a friday.

As a culture in Kenya Christmas Eve is usually a busy day for many Kenyans as they prepare for Christmas day. To some, celebration begin on Christmas Eve as many attend church, family gathering and other welcome Christmas day enjoy their drink in a pub.

Shops and malls in Kenya are usually parked to their highest capacity as shoppers try to get there last items needed to celebrate

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Some of the common things you find Kenyans do on Christmas Eve include

Travelling upcountry to visit friends

Buying of animals like goat, chicken, sheep and cows that will be slaughtered for the celebration

Some attend the overnight prayer-“Keshas”


Business close to allow employees to have the Christmas holiday

Christmas Eve the holiday moods is at its highest so its advisable to observe the following

Five things to avoid on Christmas Eve

1. Avoid unsecure place

2. Avoid drunk driving

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3. For all those travelling on this day avoid over speeding

4. Avoid impulse buying

5. Do away with the wrong moods and attitudes

Five things to do on Christmas Eve

1. Remember to wish your friends and family happy holiday

2. To stay calm

3. Finalize on the list of thing you want to do during the Christmas holiday

4. Hold a thanks giving prayer

5. For people spending the holiday away from home, ensure the safety of your home, ensure proper ticket are at hand.

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