Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Anniversary Wishes for Wife: A fairy tale wedding comes like a dream come true to most girls. Once married every year comes a wedding anniversary, which is a good reminder of the times enjoyed in marriage. A husband should never forget the anniversary. Regardless of all circumstances, he should always remember that the wife expects some special treatment on this day. Forgetting to do so is a huge mistake in the eyes of the wife.

To help you celebrate your anniversary Weds Kenya team has come up with some of the best and recognized Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife. You can be assured that the below wishes will enable you to express your heartfelt anniversary wishes to your wife. Choose the ideal happy anniversary wife message.

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

If I was given another chance to choose a wife, I would still choose you 1000 times. I have loved every bit of living with you and I look forward to many more years of memorable times with you. Happy anniversary!

Magical moments are what I have had with you in my life. I love you more than you can ever picture. As we celebrate our anniversary let joy fill your heart. Always know you have a man who will love you to the end of the ages. Happy anniversary my lovely wife.

Before you came into my life I never believed in marriage. Growing up in a broken family made me skeptical of true love. Since I met you moved my heart, you showed me, true love. I thank God so much for giving me a priceless gift like you. Happy anniversary my wife.

It always brings joy when I remember a day like this the girl of my dream became my wife. My life has been better, more joyous, warmer, and memorable. I loved you then and will love you till the end. Cheers to a wonderful celebration for our anniversary.

Today is a fantastic day because I will add one more year to the number of wonderful years I have spent with. My world rocks because of you. Happy anniversary to my wife!

From the day I saw you, I knew you are the right person for me. Years later the love I feel for you still prove we were meant to be together. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary babe!

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Babe, we have another opportunity to celebrate our love. I am glad I found you. You have shown me the true meaning of true love. Happy Wedding anniversary sweetheart.

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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Since we said “I do” our lives have been so interesting. From having babies to attending graduation and finally seeing our children’s weddings. The walk has been so enjoyable that I never saw the time pass by. I am happy to see another anniversary. Happy to see us grow old together.

From the first time, I saw you, you melted my heart. Even after many years of being together I still enjoy your lovely smile. Love everything about you and I promise to make you happy to the best of my ability. Happy anniversary sweet wife.

Our faith in God has been the greatest foundation of our marriage. At times the road has been bumpy but we have learned how to stay strong in each other’s arms. I love every moment I call you my love. Happy anniversary honey!

You are the woman that any man would fight to have. I am so privileged to have you as my wife and the mother of my beautiful babies. Seeing another anniversary means more commitment to you and I like every bit I walk this journey of life with you. Happy anniversary my love!

We have a bond that grows stronger with age. The trust I have in you is greater than any worries have ever had. You are more than just a wife. You are my soul mate. Happy anniversary to us.

20 years ago a lovely soul became part of me. On every anniversary I always enjoy cutting the cake with you. It reminds me how God has favored me by giving me a girl like you.

Days, weeks, months, and years have passed since we became one. We have had tons of fun and enjoyable times. Today as we celebrate our anniversary let us aim at making more memorable times.

In my world, there is no love greater than yours. You are the apple of my eyes. Happy anniversary my love.

No marriage is perfect but for me knowing your heart belongs to me makes me feel perfect. Happy anniversary to my wife!

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Romantic Anniversary Messages for Wife

My dear wife you are a true part of my life. You have completed my life just like the way Adam found his rib by having Eve. You perfectly fill my life with joy. Thanks for being a wonderful wife. Happy wedding anniversary.

I can’t believe it is another day of our anniversary. My life has been so amazing with you around. Through the good and bad times, you have been the best wife, friend, and partner. Cheers to our anniversary!

Many have loved for various reasons, for some love came due to their wealth, fame, power, or legacies. The day you accepted me in your life I gave you no material things. All I had was true love. Today we celebrate many achievements but all in all, let’s not forget that we loved each other for who we are. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

You have been the best assistant captain of our life. We have sailed through many sunshine and storms. I never lost focus with you on my side. Cheers to many more anniversaries.

Happy anniversary honey, ten years together and it feels like we just got married. As we step into another decade together let our love grow deeper and deeper.

As we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary I want you to know I will always remain true to the promises I made to you. Although I am not perfect I will be the best I can be. Love you and happy 5th wedding anniversary, my dear wife.

As we commemorate our wedding anniversary never forget what you mean to me. At times I may not be romantic as you want, but no matter what you will always be my adorable wife. Forever cherished!

A special card and flowers I give to you,
You have been a wonderful wife and friend,
Every time I look into your eyes
I see the love in its purest form
Happy 4th anniversary

I am happy to see our love grow,
A true husband will I remain,
My heart belongs to you,
Happy anniversary.

Even after 25 years of marriage,
My love belongs only to you,
Like old-time wine,
Our marriage becomes better with age,
Happy 25 wedding anniversary.

They say marriage is for the strong,
But I say it is for those who are selfless,
Today we celebrate 10 wedding anniversary,
All through you taught me how to love unconditionally,
For your cherished love, today we celebrate,
Thanks for loving me.

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1st Anniversary Wishes for Wife     

You are a heaven-sent kind of a wife. A gem that I can never trade with anything. You are so adorable that I fail to understand what I did to deserve you. For sure God knows how to give good gifts even to those who have no idea of what they want in life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary.

Honey, I want you to know how much I treasure you. For the last year, we have been together I have known what it means to have a lovely wife. I love you so much. Happy 1st anniversary to you my wife.

Today is a special day, a date that will remain special as long as I live. one year ago you became my wife and I will celebrate you now and forever. Happy First Anniversary to My Wife!

It is a wonderful 1st anniversary for us. God has been good to us. We have enjoyed our times together and if I were to repeat it I would do it again to just enjoy another year with you. May the coming years be more exciting.

Having you in my life is not just luck, it is a blessing. God knew the desire of my heart when He brought you into my life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

365 exciting days have passed since you gave me the keys to your heart. You truly know how to bring the best out of my life. As we welcome more anniversaries I hope our love will grow stronger. Happy first wedding anniversary to my wife!

The moment I saw you, I knew you were the right girl for me. one year since you said “yes” nothing has changed. I still love everything about you and am so sure I made the right decision. Happy anniversary sweetie.

Happy anniversary honey, I look forward to a fantastic day as we celebrate our anniversary. Today I will set aside everything to just pamper you and love you.

For me, the words “I love you” cannot express the feelings I have for you. it has been a wonderful one year living with you. I hope as time goes by I will be able to show you what you mean in my life.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wife on Facebook

The most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life is having you as my wife. I am grateful to have such a beautiful relationship with you. Happy anniversary to my wife!

It feels awesome having a beautiful wife like you. You are the one who makes my life complete. Happy anniversary to my wife!

Darling, you are the one who sets up the mood of my day. I am deeply in love with you. Happy wedding anniversary to you my dear wife!

On this specific day, we took our vows and that was the best day of my life. Happy anniversary my dear wife!

Our love has overcome all the challenges and continues to grow each passing day. It is higher than the mountains and more profound than the oceans. Happy anniversary my lovely wife!

I made the right decision to marry you. You are the queen of my heart and the love of my life. Happy anniversary, my dear wife!

May our love forever shine and bring warmth into our hearts. Happy anniversary sweetheart!

I gave up everything just to be with you, I gave you my heart, soul, and mind on this particular day. I will cherish and love you forever. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Wife From Husband

Our house would never become a home without you, my love. You are such an amazing woman. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you my dear wife.

My dear wife, thank you for making me complete. You are my heart’s desire and dream come true. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

You are such a perfect woman. When I am with you, I feel like I am in paradise. I will always and forever love you. Happy anniversary to my wife!

Since we made the vows, life has been awesome for us. I am glad I made the right decision. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love!

Darling, I wish us more enjoyable moments together for many years to come. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

My dear wife, I will always choose you above anything else for you are my heartbeat and the love of my life. Happy wedding anniversary, my dear wife.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Your love is magical, every single day it’s like a new feeling. I love you my dear wife and wish you a happy marriage anniversary!

Waking up next to you is one of the things that I will never get tired of. You are so beautiful my love. Happy marriage anniversary to us, my dear wife!

Every single day of my life, I will love you and cherish you. I promise always to be there for you. Happy anniversary my dear wife!

You shine as bright as the stars, just like the first time I met you. I love you, sweetheart. Wish you a happy marriage anniversary!

Sweetheart, every moment with you is worth cherishing. I will forever adore you. Happy marriage anniversary to us!

Your wife is a very special person in your life. Make her feel special by celebrating with her your anniversary. There are numerous ways you can pamper her but whatever you choose ensure she will like it. In addition, don’t forget to give her the perfect message for your anniversary. The above wedding anniversary wishes and messages for wife can come in handy when celebrating your 25th, 20th, 15th,10th, 5th, or 1st marriage anniversary. Hope you found a message that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

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