Apology Message to a Friend

Apology Message to a Friend: Sending an apology message to your friend could be one of the ways in which you could revive your friendship in a case where things have not been right. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you can wronged you friend, the best thing to do is send your apologies as soon as possible.

Finding a true friend can sometime be difficult task especially in the current world where people have chosen to keep to their space. Most people only meet on social media, a place where individuals only show the positive side of their life. If you have that special friend whom you have known for the longest time and things are not right between the two of you, then make the initiative of sending your apology message as soon. Good friends are rare to find like diamond.

Good word and apologetic words can salvage your friendship. Below we have looked at some of the best apology message you can send to your friend. Hope they will help you build again the bridge of your friendship

Apology message to a friend

1. I know you broke your heart, I have no excuse of doing so and I am sorry. Hope yu will find a place in your heart to pardon me.

2. Our friendship has grown overtime and it’s the only one that I value. I apologies fro saying things I should not have.
3. I cannot have the confidence to look into your eyes after what I did to you. I admit was wrong and I apologize

4. Accept my apologies to you, I value you and now I know what you mean to me. Have a place in your heart to forgive and forget what I did to you

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5. I feel miserable in my heart, don’t know what to say to you, but I am very sorry. My friend I send this apology from deep down my heart.

6. Good friendship is what I have experienced with you. I am ashamed that I blew that away. I regret my action and I ask you to forgive me.

7. I have been through lots of mistakes in my life, I am not perfect but that is not a good a reason to have hurt you. I thought what I was doing was right thing for us but I was wrong. I am optimistic that you will one day forgive me.

8. It saddens me that my action has killed our friendship. Please forgive me, I never anticipated that I would hurt you

Apology quotes for friend

1. I apologies to you my friend, please do not forget that even though I did something wrong at least there are days when I did something right.

2. I know you are very mad at me, but let not your heart be troubled so much. Please forgive me; forgiveness is good for your heart and mind.

3. Please forgive, if it’s not for me them for your own good. Let no bitterness engrave your heart

4. Forgiveness comes from the heart, I must say I don’t deserve your love anymore but please give me another chance and you will never regret doing so.

5. They say a good friendship has to be tested; our test is bringing the worst in both of us. I take this opportunity to first for the pain I have caused you. Take time and see the things we have to lose if we let this test take away our friendship.

6. A good friendship is a like a morning sunshine that is good to our bones. We both need each other, so please forgive me my friend

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Sorry quotes for best friend

1. To error is human but when we choose to forgive it become a divine action. Hope you will forgive me my friend

2. No friendship is perfect, each has its up and down, I ask you to give our friendship another chance. I am sorry for what I did

3. The love of friendship cannot be undone, I am sorry for letting you down. My love for you has never changed.

4. No apology should be ruined by an excuse that is why I take this time to let you how sorry I am. I value your friendship and please forgive me

5. Friend who value each other at times cross each other’s paths knowing or unknowingly. That is why I often have say sorry, not because I have wronged you but to just keep things right and keep the friendship going.

Sorry Messages for Friends

1. I know I might have taken our friendship for granted, but not once in my life did I see you anything less than a good friend. You are very important to me, please let go of the hurt I brought in your heart, I am sorry

2. Not a bit of me can imagine a future without you in my life. I ask for your forgiveness. I don’t know what I can do to have you consider my apology, I am so sorry

3. Something in life can never be undone, they only second chance we have is to apologize. I ask you to forgive me,

4. Better late than never, for the longest time I have not been keen to apologize for what I did. I now take the chance and hope we will mend our friendship.

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5. I hope you will forgive me, whether I get your forgiveness or not I will never let go of all the memories we have ever shared. You will always be that special friend

6. My friend, please let me know what can I do to make things right? I have apologized but you have still given me a cold shoulder, I have learned my lesson and from deep down my heart I am so sorry.

7. If I was able to cool every storm that is rocking the boat of our friendship I would do it instantly. I will keep apologizing till you forgive me; I am not giving up on our friendship.

8. I admire you so much; you have brought the good influence in my life. I have constantly let us down, I regret so much and I hope you will forgive me

9. It hurts me and my world is all shadowy & cloudy when you don’t have the beautiful smile on your face. It even hurts more when back in my mind I know that I the cause of your pain. Please accept my apologies

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