Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Baby shower wishes and messages can be send to the friend or family member whom is having a baby shower party. Nothing is more exciting than the joy of having a baby. The moment an expecting mother gets a baby shower party from her loved ones, she knows that soon she will be welcoming her child. Baby shower parties normally come few weeks before the mother goes to child birth.

These wishes and messages will help her feel appreciated and feel supported as she looks forward to day when the baby will be born. To bring a smile to an expecting mother’s face we have looked at best baby shower wishes and best baby shower messages to send

Happy Baby Shower Wishes from husband/boyfriend

1. The joy you have carrying our child will soon reach climax, when we will hold our baby in our arms. Wish you the best as we look forward to this day

2. Seeing you walk through these nine months has shown me how strong you are. My support will always be with you. I love you

3. The excitement I felt in my heart when you told me that I will be father cannot be compared to anything in this world. You will soon make me a father and you will fulfill one of most important dreams. Happy baby shower day to you

4. Darling, I am sending you my happy thoughts during this happy baby shower day, a day meant to express my support for you. I know you will soon be facing child birth and I will be with you as you prepare to welcome our baby into this world

5. No words can express how grateful I am to you for being a good mother to our child even before she is born. I have seen you take the best diet, gentle tapping your tummy when you talked to her in your womb. There is no doubt you will make me one of the proudest dad, all the best in the coming child birth.

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6. Every time I see you I remember how lucky I am to have you, I have seen you endure happy and sad moments so that you could give us a baby. Truly I admire you and will do anything to ensure you and my baby will have the best that I can get, wish you a happy baby shower day.

Baby Shower Messages

1. Babies are heaven sent gifts, so fragile yet so strong to even bring the happiness we have never experienced. As you look forward to welcoming a new angel in your family just know that our support and prayers are with you.

2. As you celebrate on this baby shower day, remember that once you baby come your lives will never be the same. You heart will develop that unconditional love that goes beyond what we can imagine. All the best

3. It’s not the gifst that will make you baby shower day complete, but the joy of knowing what is coming. Wish you all the best

4. Be strong and hold on, It’s just a matter of days and we will rejoice. As you look forward to the birth of child let the grace of God be with you, It’s by His love that you will feel and know what it means to be mum and dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Cheers to a happy baby shower

5. Nothing in this life can be compared to the happiness that comes with having a child. As you prepare to welcome the God given angel let love fill heart

Baby Shower Card Messages

A baby is a gift
For you and your loved ones
Many you have all you will need
To bring the coming angel

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For nine months
42 weeks
And for around 270 days, more or less
You have carried the bundle of joy in your womb
Soon you will hold her into your arms
Cannot wish you anything less
But all the best wishes as you look forward to childbirth

Cheers to a happy baby shower,
You will definitely make a good mum
One who will raise a good child

Congratulations my friend
As you await the birth of your child
Let smile fill your heart
Every time you will look into their innocent eyes
As you hold their hand and show them the way
Let God’s light lead your away

Congratulation to you my friend
Soon you will say good to your big tummy
And welcome the cute little girl in your world.
Wish you all the best in the journey of motherhood

Happy Baby Shower Wishes from sister/brother

1. It’s such an honor that you will add another title to my name. To the little angel I will now become an aunt. Congratulation to you and always know that my support will forever be with you

2. Every child is unique, so different that even on the birth of your second child you still need to the time to learn the child. I know you are a good mum and you have another chance to make another child happy,

3. Congratulations! Your house will soon be filled with joy, toys, dolls and above all you will have a person who will bring you lots of smiles.

4. Growing up I saw you take care of us, you fought for us when the battle came too hard for us. Now that you will soon have a cute baby, I know you will make a good father.

5. It’s a joy to see you become a parent, I know it will make you happy

6. Happy baby shower day to you, may all the plans and dreams you have toward your baby come true

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Happy Baby Shower Wishes from mum/dad

1. My child when I gave birth to you I knew you will make me proud, you have done many things to bring joy in my heart but in just a few weeks you will give me a grandson. Wishes that the same joy you brought in my heart come to you

2. The first time I saw you tears of joy filled my heart. As you have your baby shower party just know how much I love.

3. You brought sunshine into our world from the day you were born. My you have the same sunshine brought to you by the coming baby, congratulations to you

4. Although the nights will become sleepless and longer by having the baby around, you will have the opportunity of knowing love at its purest form. All the best in the coming birth of your child

5. It’s not the accomplish and money that Is acquired through life that makes our memories but the memories shared with our children, grandchildren and our loved. I will be glad seeing you have a little king in your house

6. Happy baby shower day to you my daughter, just hold on and soon you will have a baby to show teach you what it means to be unconditionally loved. All the best.

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