Birthday Wishes for Mother – Messages & Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Mother: This year as your mother celebrates her birthday don’t forget to celebrate with her. Birthday wishes to your mother can be one of the ways to make her feel your love. Mothers are very special people in the world; they try their best to give us a good life so we should do the same when we get the opportunity.

The sacrifices that many mothers choose to have so as to make us happy can never be compared to anything. No amount of gifts or words can be enough to express our love to them. However, it is very important to express our love and care to them.

Whether you choose to have a birthday party for your mum, send her a birthday gift, or just take her for dinner, do not forget to wish her all the best during this memorable time.

Birthday Wishes for Mother

Today is a special day for you. I went to buy a gift for you but I didn’t know what to choose for the most loving and wonderful gift ever given to me by God. You are a valuable person. Happy birthday to you, mom!

Lots of love from me as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to my mom.  All the best.

Birthday Greetings for Mother

Without you, in my world, I would have smiled less, hoped less, and even loved less. It is your positive influence that has taught me to be a better person. As you celebrate your birthday I take the opportunity to wish you the best. Happy birthday mum

They say “the good gifts in life are the best”. Every time I spend time with you I see the reality of this saying. No value can be attached to the love you have shown me. Cheers to many more birthdays together.

Your love is so broad to accept me even when I go far away, so deep it cuts through my heart. I celebrate this wonderful day. Happy birthday, mom.

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Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mom, you are the most adorable mother in the world. As you celebrate your birthday, I want to wish you the best that life has to offer. I will at all times love you. Happy birthday to you, mom!

A darling mom you are to me, to me you are my mentor, role model, superhero, and many things that words cannot describe. I wish you a very delightful birthday and may God bless you.

Dear mum, as you celebrate your birthday today my prayers is that you may live many more years. Have many years ahead that to celebrate your birthday we’ll need to buy dozens of candles to just place them on your birthday cake. Love you. Happy birthday, mother!

Nothing gives me so much joy than to see you smile. If only I knew what makes you happy on every unique day I would give it to you just to see you smile once more. Happy birthday mum

Having you around makes me happy, I count every moment with you as a blessing. May the Lord bless you this day as you celebrate your birthday

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Happy Birthday Mom Messages

Many years ago, on a day like this, the world was given a beautiful child, she would later become my mum. I am delighted to be one of your children. It’s another day to celebrate with you for the additional year God has given you. Cheers to a wonderful birthday ahead.

You are my champion, a woman of good character. I celebrate with you this special day in your life. Happy birthday mom!

Birthday Quotes for Mother

You are a wonderful mother, one who knows the right way, shows the right way, and follows the right way. I celebrate you, mum. Happy birthday mom!

May your days on this earth be great and blessed by the Lord! Happy birthday, mother!

5. It’s the gift of the mothers that make our world better. You have held my hand when I didn’t know where to go, you have given me your shoulder to lean on and I am very grateful for all the good gifts you have given me. Happy birthday to you, mom!

Birthday Card Messages for Mom

In my world, you are my best
You give me a shoulder to lean on
Your love is unconditional
No gifts can show you how much I love you
I wish you a happy birthday mother

A simple card I send to you
One whose words are written with love
To wish you a happy birthday
May you enjoy to the fullest
Happy birthday mama

On this day as you celebrate your birthday
May you have many more years
Filled with love, peace, and good health
Happy birthday mum

You are the best mum in the world
You never hesitated to give me advice
Even when I was too proud to accept
Your kind words have built me
Made me believe in myself
Have a blessed birthday

You are treasurable to me more than diamonds
My love for you is immeasurable
My thoughts are with you
My prayers for you never cease
Happy birthday to you, mum.

You made our childhood exceptional
With your unconditional love, we felt safe
Not to mention the sacrifices you made for us
We may never repay you for this
But our affection and care will always be with you
Happy birthday mama

Mom, you are the best
Not a single day did I see you sad
Nor did you ever lack the good words to say
You always had the solution to everything
And I know what it means to have a loving mum
Happy birthday mummy

Mom Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to you, mom! years may come and go but no matter the time you will always be the most special and wonderful woman in my eyes. No one will ever take your special room in my heart. I Love you, mom.

I love the number of candles on your cake. So many but I still wish and pray for many more. Happy birthday mother and all the best in the coming years.

Happy birthday, mom! For the longest time, we have walked the journey in this life together. Not only are you my mom but also my most trusted friend. I will always love you to the moon and back

Happy birthday to you, mom! Today I want to mention why you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Let love fill your heart this day as you remember and celebrate another year given to you by God. You are a wonderful woman who deserves nothing but the best. Happy birthday, mother!

For anyone given a chance to have a mother, do not forget to wish her well on the coming birthday. No matter the age nothing will bring her joy in her heart other than the thought that she is still important to you. Often time we take a mother’s love for granted, it not always that love comes your way. There are many who had a mum that abandoned them, not caring a thing. So if you have a loving mum, show her your appreciation and even support her in any way as old age sets in.

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