Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins

Birthday Wishes for Twins: Having a birthday party for twins? Do you know someone who is having a celebration for their twins and would like to celebrate with them? To help you celebrate with the twins we have looked at birthday wishes for twins.

Moments like a birthday for twins call for a special celebration since the two beautiful souls will have each other as long as they live. Their birthday cards should come with special expressions and that is the reason we have come up with the best birthday wishes for twins. The twins can be brother and sister, sisters, or brothers.

Our birthday wishes for twins are unique and special. They will help you bring out your special birthday message to send to twins.

Birthday Wishes for Twins

Having one baby is enough blessing, having twins means double blessings. You are a pair of blessings and you are so unique to equally make my heart delight each day. Happy birthday to you, my twins!

On a day like this 20 years ago, wonderful bundles of joy came into my life. For that reason, I cannot forget to take this chance to wish my two babies a lovely birthday. I will always love you. Happy birthday [Twin name] and [Twin Name]!

You are like shining diamonds in my life. The joy you add to my life is beyond measure. God bless you on your birthday. Happy birthday, twins!

Happy birthday to my adorable twins! My world rocks because I have you.

Twins happy birthday

On this day I count everything in double, I can easily say my twins bring double the love and happiness. Wishing you a warm birthday filled with unforgettable memories. Happy birthday, my twins.

Happy birthday to my most cherished gift, you two are gorgeous and I am grateful to God for giving me, two unique souls.

Life has given me many cherished moments but none compares to what I feel every year when I look back and see what you mean to me. I am truly happy to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

To us, you are special daughters united even before birth. We love you so much and no matter what, always remember that we will always look out for you. Happy birthday, sweethearts!

You are unique, and amazing in every way. Happy birthday to my favorite twins!

You have brought so many blessings into my life that I cannot count. Happy birthday to my twins!

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Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers

Happy birthday, twin brothers! May the almighty God bless you to become great men, one with a brighter future full of happiness and love.

For years you both looked fine in the same outfit, you had constant fights that ended up with 5 minutes of separation. But over the years I have seen your joy every moment you are together. As you turn 15 years, I wish you find things that will leave you stronger and more united. Happy birthday to you my boys.

In life, only a few brothers are lucky to get a twin brother with whom they can share their strengths and weakness and still be embraced at same the time. As we celebrate our birthday I want you to know that you mean the world to me. Happy birthday twin brother.

Happy Birthday Twin Sister Images

Happy birthday to the most inseparable brothers. You knew how to play the best pranks on me and I appreciate having you as my friend. May this day bring a smile to your world.

It’s a special birthday for my favorite brothers. I take chance to tell you how much I love you. Some things in my life were only a possibility because you cared to give me your support. Happy birthday to you.

You are lucky to have each other, and as you look forward to adding another year to your calendar I hope this birthday will make you cherish each other more. Happy birthday to the most amazing twin brothers.

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Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Happy birthday to the most charming twin sisters, I pray for you to grow old together, loving each other the way you have done all these years. Cheers!

You may look alike but it is the uniqueness in each of you that makes you extraordinary. I always admire how you stand up for each other. Today on your birthday I wish you a fantastic day.

Cheers to the unbreakable bonds between the two of you. As you have fun on this birthday, may you get the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday, twin sisters!

You are a pair of beauties gifted to me by God. I don’t know the exact words to say but may the same God who gave you to me watch over you and bless you as per His will. Happy birthday, daughters.

You sail through life easier if you have a twin sister. I am lucky to have you as a sister and friend. happy birthday to me and my twin sister.

Both of you are a striking copy of each other. It’s hard to tell who is who. You are a true and perfect image of what twins should look like. Wish you a happy birthday filled with lots of love and laughter.

Today is a wonderful day, a day to celebrate the birthday of the two loveliest twin sisters. It is a pleasure to have such loveable friends. All the best as you enjoy.

No matter how identical we are, we are unique in our own ways and no one complements me as you do. Happy birthday to my twin sister!

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Birthday Messages for Twins

You won my heart when you were born. The sunshine in my world has been brighter because of you. Happy birthday to my twins.

A birthday for you means double parties and more delightfulness in our world. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday my dear twins, whenever I see your beautiful faces I rejoice knowing that what I have is more than what silver and gold could buy. Love you so much and happy birthday.

Every night when I pray I always remember to thank God for giving me, wonderful twins. I know you are destined for greater things my sons. Wish you a happy birthday.

Wishing a happy birthday to the two pretty girls whose connection is something to admire. May God give you a long and wonderful life!

The happiness of having twins is unmatched. Every day I have the chance to see two individuals who look alike, but who think so differently. You never cease to amaze me. Happy birthday my twins.

I think I should wish myself a happy birthday. Happy birthday to my twin brother!

I am thankful to have you as my twin, happy birthday to my birthday twin.

Twins Birthday Wishes

It’s a joy to have someone to share your birthday with. As you celebrate today may the cakes, gifts, and cards remind you how blessed you are to have each other. Happy birthday, twins.

Having twins is such a wonderful experience. Everything comes in pairs and today I will smile twice seeing you blow out the candles on the most delicious cakes have ever made. Happy birthday to you.

May God multiply the happiness of this exceptional day with the cutest twins on the earth. Although you look similar, you both are uniquely blessed and talented. Happy birthday wishes to you.

Wish you a marvelous birthday; celebrate knowing that the world is blessed to have you around.

I am thankful to have an identical sibling like you who knows me inside out. Happy birthday to my birthday twin!

Your smiles are brighter than the stars, brightening the faces of those around you. You are the best set of twins I have ever known. Wish you a wonderful birthday.

You are amazing people inside and outside. Your connection with each other is incredible. I pray for you to have one of the biggest and most amazing birthdays.

As you add another year to your age, always remember to keep your hope alive. You are blessed and whatever you do never forget to keep your faith in God alive. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for Twins Friends

It is such a joy having twin friends in my life. You bring double smiles and double fun. I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my best twin friends! I wish you a lovely and amazing day.

You may look identical, but each one of you is unique and special. Happy Birthday, Twins.

On this special day in your life, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy birthday to my twin friends!

You are just the best friends ever. Happy Birthday to my special twin friends!

Happy birthday to the funniest and most loving twins! I wish you a day full of love and God’s blessings.

May the joy you are experiencing today always find its way into your lives! Happy birthday to my favorite friend twins!

Birthday Prayers for Twins

Writing happy birthday prayer for twins can be a challenge if you don’t have the right words. prayer for twins birthday will enable you to find the right wording to use.

May God grant you good health, happiness, and joy on this special day in your life and for years to come!

Happiest birthday to the best twins in town! It is my prayer to God to bless your life abundantly.

To my beautiful twins, today is a special day in your life. I wish you much peace, blessings love, and good health. Have an awesome birthday full of God’s blessings!

Happy Birthday to the most adorable twins, May God double your blessings as you start another year in your life.

It is such a blessing to celebrate your birthday, may God bless you abundantly and grant you all your wishes.

Happy Birthday Twins Quotes

There is a special bond that always exists between twins. They feel safe when they are together.

Having twins is double the fun; double the blessings and twice everything.

You are inseparable twins, May you always be there for each other. Happy birthday, twins!

You are my favorite pair of twins, today I want to wish you a wonderful birthday full of laughter and joy. Happy birthday, twins!

I might not be saying these words more often, but you mean the world to me. Happy birthday to my twins!

Thank you for being the amazing friend one would ever wish to have. I wish you a happy birthday!

Good things in life come in pairs, you are amazing and yet unique in every way. Happy Birthday, twin!


How do you say happy birthday to twins?

Happy birthday to my little special twins! You have brought double blessings into our life. You deserve the best blessings in life. I wish you the best year ahead.

How can I praise twins on her birthday?

Happy Birthday to the best beautiful twin girls! I wish you the happiest birthday ever.

These Unique birthday messages for twins and Happy Birthday Twins Quotes will enable you to wish the twins a happy birthday. Send that birthday message to the special twins in your life. You can either send a text message, write a card, or social media.

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