Cheer Up Quotes for Her or Him

Cheer Up Quotes for Her or Him: There are days when we feel low; at this time cheer-up quotes sent by a loved one can play a good role in helping us feel better.

Positive words can provide healing to a soul that is aching and low, so the next time you see someone in a low spirit it is best to send them cheer-up quotes.

Cheer up Quotes for Her

Sweetheart, at this hard moment just know that I am here for you, I will give you a shoulder to lean on and will even wipe away your tears if you let me. I love you

My love, It is not always that the sky is cloudy, after some time the sun does shine. Hold on and in due time, the hardship will end. You will come out stronger than you even think.

Darling, right now you see nothing to smile about, you can overcome the trial. At the end of it all, you will smile again and the lovely dimples on your face will brighten my day.

Honey, learning how to forgive and forget is a process we all have to be willing to learn. Forgiving makes us a better person, so let it go and let your joy come back to you so that you can smile again

Cheer up; Do not let the small matters in life weigh you down. Don’t mess up your time hating anyone, life is too valuable.

Cheer Up Quotes

Even when we don’t feel it our God is fair, He will never bring something in our lives that we cannot be able to handle, so cheer up my love

My love, every day that you spend being sad, the sadness will overshadow even the good times you could be enjoying. Cheer up let’s take a walk and see the little things that could brighten your day.

Once the storm calms down, we see the sun’s rays penetrating through the clouds. In life, joy will always come after difficulties. Do not bear the burden alone, we will overcome everything together. Cheer up!

Sweetheart, take a moment and look around, just imagine what the world is willing to offer if we just stretched our hands to receive. Cheer up, and open your heart and mind to see happiness around you.

When life throws a lemon at us, we should learn to make lemonade. It may not be easy but with God’s help, you can turn your sorrow into joy.

You are such a darling to me, seeing you go through your low moments in life makes my heart sad. But I know you will overcome, just hold on and your sunshine will be on the way.

Cheer up my girl; you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it.

Honey, walk through this mountain with your head held high. When you feel lost ask God to show you the correct footsteps to follow. Be happy, for you are more than a conqueror.

Tough moments require us to be tough, so be strong and you will be a winner. Love you, my girl.

I have good plans for us, so wipe away your tears and look up. Cheer up and let me walk with you in this challenge. For together we shall overcome

I know today is a very gloomy day for you, but I believe greater things are destined for you. So today let me cheer you by serving you one of my best-prepared dinners.

Honey, today I tried to reach out to you but you were unreachable. The whole day I thought about you. Just know that my prayers are with you during this difficult moment.

Sweet girl, I care about you, especially when I see you sad. It doesn’t matter what difficulties you’ll face in your life, how awful you will feel, just know that I will always be next to you, I will defend you and soothe you. Cheer up!

Baby girl, you are tougher than you can envision, just have faith in yourself and you’ll crash all problems on your way.

The love we share gives me hope for a brighter day, your support gives me a strong point to aspire for more. For the last few days, your smile has actually faded and I want you to know that I am here for you. Please cheer up.

Honey, you inspire me to be a better man. Be happy and never regret the past since a bright future is ahead of us.

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Cheer Up Message for Her

Always remember that whatever happens, we are the creators of our own fortune. Dare to have hope even when it looks impossible

Cheer up my love; remember that failures destroy people only if they give up. A strong person comes out of every trial as a strong person, so do not fear

Sweetheart I know the character of the girl that I love, you have an incomparable personality and your inner sunshine can melt most people, I believe the problem you are facing won’t break you, but make you stronger.

Cheer up my dear, just because a wall has appeared in your life does not mean you stop the journey. I know you are intelligent enough to find your way out.

Don’t waste your time trying to change what cannot be changed, in life, we have no power to change the weather, but only to dress well to suit the weather.

Cheer up, and let the trials of today build you a stepping stone to overcome tomorrow’s obstacles.

Don’t be anxious about tomorrow, let your hope grow to know that God is in control of what we never know or imagine

‘I know the plans I have for you, says our God. ‘Plans to give a future and hope. Sovereign is our God and He even knows the number of your hair, so worry not for the Almighty God is with you always. Amen

Smile at all times, even if the sadness hits on your window, it will go visionless from your stunning smile. Cheer up

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Cheer up Quotes for Him – Cheer Up Message for Him

Even if the entire universe is against you, I will continually be by your side! I love you so much

My dear, life is a blend of happiness and sorrow, sunshine and rainfall, you should enjoy both and even learn to dance in the rain

You have been the most supportive man I have ever known; just because you have lost your job today does not make you any less of a good man. You still have my respect and honor, I love you

My love, you always see the positive in life, a good life is not continuously about happiness but also about being able to smile in the rain. Cheer up my guy

Cheer up handsome, there is good meaning in the phrase “Happiness is a choice”. Chose to be happy today no matter what you are going through.

It is hard getting a vitreous man, the one who still stands strong even when so many arrows have been thrown at him. I know you will come out of this problem a better man

It is men like you that society looks up to, you set a good epitome to many. So be strong and have faith to face today’s challenges with optimism.

Cheer Up Quotes after Break Up

Don’t feel sad for someone who wasn’t there for you, someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them for they gave up on something so precious.

You cannot lose what you never had; you can’t keep what was not yours, and can’t hold onto something that does not want to be held.

A relationship is not a waste of time; it is just that it did not work out for you. It only told you that you should keep looking.

Sometimes you need more time to accept reality, be calm, and cheer up for that’s not the end of the world.

It is better to leave a broken relationship the way it is than to try to fix it. Move on with your life; let the past be the past.

Life is not a smooth journey; there are tough days on the way and at the same time good days. Cheer up for a good day is coming.

Learn from the past; let the pain make you stronger. There is someone out there for you. Not all people are the same. You just have to keep looking for the right person for you and never give up.

The best healing one can have is good cheer.

Now the sky looks very dark, but the sun will shine soon. Life problems do not last forever, cheer up, a good time is coming.

Quotes To Cheer Up Your Best Friend

Some of these quotes are motivational cheer-up quotes.

No matter how dark it might be, don’t give up. The more challenges you face in life, the stronger you become. Your great days are coming.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, cheer up and you will be happy.

The sky is above you, no one can stop you from jumping high.

There is nothing do to today, but I want you to smile. Forget about your problems.

Nobody is above the other, nobody is either inferior, and neither are we equal. We are simply incomparable and unique in every way. Cheer up as you are special and unique in your own way.

Cheer up, my friend, after every night comes sunshine. Happiness is on your way and you will enjoy every moment.

What does not kill the soul makes you stronger; cheer up my friend, life is so short to be sad.

Life is never stagnant; it is always on the move, cheer up, and move on with your life.

Cheer up now and be sorrowful later.

Always be of good cheer; never let the misfortunes bring you down.

Cheer Up Message for Boyfriend – Cheer Up Quotes for Boyfriend

If things didn’t go as planned there is a reason for that, don’t let it weigh you down, be happy, and move on with life.

The moment I am with you, all my problems disappear. You are the solution to my heart. I don’t want to see you sad. Cheer up, my love.

You are brave, and stronger than anybody else around you. Be strong my love.

No matter the problems you are facing right now; just think of where you have come from and where you are going. Cheer up, my love.

Fear and failures destroy the weak. I know you are strong, so don’t worry so much. Move on with life.

Life is full of great moments if there is that one person in the world who cares for you so much. So when things don’t seem to work out and you are feeling like giving up, always remember I am here for you.

Things may be tough right now, but I know one-day things will be better, and it will be soon than you expect.

Sweetheart, don’t stress yourself, forgive and forget everything, for I am here to make you happy.

If you don’t have hope in life, you will never know what is beyond hope. Cheer up my love and have hope everything will be fine.

Anyone trying to bring you down just knows they are below you.

Cheer up my love, storms don’t last forever

Cheer Up Wife Quotes

Cheer up sweetheart, this is not the end of the world, you are going to get another job.

My love, start this day with a beautiful smile on your face, and faith in your heart. Blessings are on your way.

What a beautiful smile you have over there, have faith for everything will be back to normal soon.

No matter how you are feeling my love, you need to get up and show how strong you are. Never give up.

You can cry your heart out, but I want you to know, one day you will forget if you had problems. Cheer up my love for that day is coming soon.

Sweetheart, when I am with you, all my worries disappear, you are medicine to my heart. Every new day is a day to move a step forward.

Every time that you feel like giving up, remember God does not give us trials that we cannot manage. I love you.

Don’t worry if you had a bad day my love, cheer up for I am here for you. Some people are worse than you.

After every storm, there comes calmness. Do not worry my love, we will overcome everything together.

You are an awesome wife! Never forget that.

Words to Write In a Card to Cheer Someone Up

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and not to be sad throughout. Get up and enjoy life.

There is something in you that others value most, be positive, and cheer up.

Be positive in life, stay happy, and do not let the negativity of this world weigh you down.

There is always hope if you believe and trust that tomorrow will be better.

The greatest enemy of success is the fear of failure. When fear knocks on your door, send courage, and hope to open the door and success will be on your way.

Nobody will always be there for you the way you are. Cheer up and enjoy life.

Nothing is permanent in this world; things will get back to normal. Your troubles will go away.

Look around, you will see endless opportunities. Live for the moment, good things will come.

Hide your sadness, cheer up, and never let life bring you down.

Please try to be happy, I know what you are going through right now, but I promise things will be better soon.

Don’t look at that closed door; you are not going to enter it again, look forward to a new door.

Life is given to us to enjoy and not to be sad about it. Enjoy to the fullest.

No one can hurt you unless you allow them to get on your nerves.

Forget about the past, appreciate the present, and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Remember that sometimes it is not a must you get what you want, and if you don’t get it, that is not the end of the world. Life must move on.

When there are difficulties, know there lay opportunities.

Be positive in everything, do your part, and leave the rest to God.

General FAQ

How do you cheer someone up with words?

You know better the situation the other person is in. Find words that will cheer them up, make them happy, and smile. For example; when you are with me, I feel like I can conquer the world. You are my inspiration and the most amazing woman I have ever known. I know you will achieve your dreams.

How do I cheer up?

When you are feeling low, call someone who loves you, enjoy your achievements, find friends who make you happy, be grateful, treat yourself or find something to keep you busy

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