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Chess Quotes: Chess is a lovely game that is played across the world. We even have International Chess Day or world chess day which is celebrated every year. Some countries have got National Chess Day.

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Chess Quotes

The best chess player was once a beginner.

Unlike other games, chess is the battle of wits.

The hardest game to win is the one that is already won.

You cannot have evil thoughts when you are playing chess.

Chess is a game that requires being present and the best mind when playing the game.

Chess has the power to make someone happy, just like love or music.

Chess has the capability of making someone concentrate for hours.

Every move you make as a player has to be well thought of; otherwise, you will face a lot of challenges.

There is life after chess; even if the king is conquered life must go on.

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Quotes about Chess

The good thing about chess is that anyone can enjoy a good fight to the end of the game.

‍The best place to win is to take your opponent to unfamiliar grounds for both of you and that’s where the game of chess comes in.

All you need is to play smart to conquer your opponent.

In chess, there is always a master, who eliminates others.

Chess players are not always serious. They appear so only when playing the game.

In chess, you have to be ruthless or be eliminated from the game.

The best thing that ever happened was the invention of Chess.

International Chess Day Quotes

Chess doesn’t drive one mad, it keeps someone sane. Happy International Chess Day!

Chess makes people have a clear mind. Happy International Chess Day!

Chess makes someone become a critical thinker. Happy chess international day to all chess fans on this special day.

Make your argument be silent, let the results be seen. Happy International Chess Day!

Cheers to all those who put all their thoughts into chess for the whole day. I wish you and your family a Happy Chess Day!

The war on the chess board should be left on the chess board. Wishing you a happy International Chess Day!

Indeed it’s a beautiful day to play chess. Wishing all Chess Players a Happy International Chess day!

Congratulations on being a chess player. May this day be special and unique in your life! Happy International Chess Day!

Chess doesn’t make people crazy, it makes them feel normal. Wishing you International Chess Day!

Inspirational Chess Quotes

When you lose a game, you have not completely lost; learn from it to become a master of chess.

Never rest until you become a master of the game.

No one ever wins a game by quitting. Keep playing up to the end.

Chess is a game of thoughtful moves; no one knows how the end will be. It’s only the players who understand their final destination.

When you feel lonely and want to lift up your spirits, you need to play chess. It will make you feel better!

Life is like chess, if you make the right moves at the right time you win the game.

To win the game, sometimes you have to wait and see what moves your opponent is making.

Sometimes it is better to lose the game than to win, as this will make you learn and understand the game better.

Short Chess Quotes

In chess, it’s the thoughts that win.

When you are in love with the game, all you will want is to play chess.

No matter how tough the game was, a win is a win.

Chess is a game that keeps one nervous throughout the game. You only need to keep yourself calm.

When you see a good move in chess, know a better one is coming.

Play the game like a magician, and become the king of chess.

Any plan is better than no plan at all.

Nothing excites the masters more than a good move.

Good moves require observation and strategic thoughts.

Chess is the Gym of the mind.

If you are looking for the best analyst, find the one who plays chess.

The best way to win is to sacrifice your opponent’s men.

Chess is not played with hands, but with thoughts.

Chess Quotes about Love

Chess has the ability to satisfy one’s inner feelings. That’s why many people love the game.

Once you set your eyes on chess, you will love it with all your heart.

Chess is more like love; once you love it you will never stop loving it.

Every man needs a woman in his life to protect them when they are in a mess, just like in the game of chess, the queen protects the king.

Just like love, chess has the power to make someone happy.

When you are in love, you just let nature take its course.

Chess Quotes about Life

In life, everyone is a chess player. Every step we make is calculated.

Chess is all about making calculated moves.

Chess is all about the struggles on finding the winner.

The best moves in life are made by chess players.

You must never let your opponent see your next move or figure out your next strategy.

Life is more like chess; there are struggles, competition, good times, and bad times.

Just like in chess, when you plan your life. You win.

The beauty of chess is that keeps one alert.

Chess is a tactical game that is ideal for all age groups. It is a game that requires brains and wit. The game is played by millions of people across the world. The game is played on a 64-square board of black and white. The main goal is to conquer the opposite king.

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