Chinese New Year Wishes & Messages

Chinese New Year Wishes: It’s another year to celebrate with family, friends, and relatives. A New Year is a time to make New Year resolutions and start a new life.

Wish your friend, staff, colleague, clients, business partners, or lover a new year. Wondering what to write on this celebrated holiday of a lunar new year yet you don’t know Mandarin. Your Chinese New Year card does not need to be in Chinese. Writing in English will perfectly do.

How to Say “Happy New Year” in Chinese

新年好!(xīn nián hǎo)
Have a good New Year!

新年快乐!(xīn nián kuài lè)
Have a Happy New Year!

Find happy Chinese New Year wishes, messages, and quotes below.

Chinese New Year Wishes

1. Happy New Year! May you welcome the New Year with a new spirit, love, and smile on your face.

2. Happy New Year my friend, I wish you good health and prosperity this new year!

3. May prosperity always come your way. May the New Year bring Satisfaction and Happiness in your life!

4. When we usher in the New Year, may it signify new and better things ahead. Wishing you a prosperous year!

5. May we embrace the New Year with love and happiness! May it be colorful, bright, and peaceful! Happy New Year!

6. Hope this New Year will bring bundles of joy and good luck in your life. Happy Chinese New Year!

7. May the days ahead be filled with immense joy and prosperity! Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.

8. Wishing you happiness on the Chinese New Year!

9. I send you the best wishes for the year, may it renew our friendship and take it to the next level.

10. May the New Year bring into your life happiness and peace that never fades, hope that never ends, and strength that never weakens. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

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Happy Chinese New Year! May good fortune and good fortune always be part of you.

Our team wishes you all good fortune on the Chinese New Year, may you have a blessed new year.

Tomorrow, we will all gather to enjoy one of the most vibrant and culturally rich events. Happy Chinese New Year! We wish everyone a prosperous new year ahead!

Cheers to another new year, a year of great changes and opportunities! Happy New Year!

It is a new book with black pages waiting to be written, you are going to open the words by yourself. The book its self is an opportunity and its first page starts on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring courage into your life, and may it give you a new path to making your resolutions come true. Happy New Year!

We wish you all the prosperity and good luck that comes with the New Year.

Happy New Year! May you always welcome the new mornings of the New Year with a new spirit, love in your heart, a smile on your face, and good thoughts in your mind!

It’s my wish for wealth to always fill your home. May it fill your emptiness and anywhere you wish, may it always bring satisfaction and happiness. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I wish you the best of health and lasting opulence.

With each passing moment, may you embrace the New Year with open arms, May the year be colorful and full of joy. Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year Messages

1. As you step into the Chinese New Year, I pray for God’s blessings to guide you through the New Year and be successful in every way!

2. As you prepare to usher in the New Year, may it bring you new hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Happy Chinese New Year!

3. This New Year, may success and blessings find you where you are! Happy Chinese New Year!

4. May everything stunning shine into your life. I earnestly wish you cheerfulness, happiness, and success. Happy Chinese New Year!

5. As the new sun rises in this New Year, may it bring to you good luck, wealth, joyfulness, and satisfaction. Happy Chinese New Year!

6. May the bad lack be a thing of the past as we start this new Chinese year, Wish you a happy new Year!

7. The New Year comes with bundles of new opportunities, hope you find them to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Happy Chinese New Year!

8. This New Year May opulence and peace be your everyday company. Happy Chinese New Year!

9. Each day of the New Year is a new page to write, it’s full of lessons and memories that will last a lifetime. It’s up to us to write good memories. Happy New Year!

10. May this New Year in your life be made up of the best and beautiful things in life! Happy Chinese New Year!

Lunar New Year Wishes

1. The New Year is a piece of good luck for those who are cheerful and optimistic, I believe you are. Happy Chinese New Year!

2. May this New Year in your life bring hope, happiness, and love! Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

3. May this New Year be smooth for you. Happy Chinese New Year!

4. Here is wishing you a New Year abundant with wealth and wonderful memories.

5. This New Year, make every step in your life count. Wish you a peaceful and cheerful year!

6. May you be surrounded by energetic and optimistic people in this new year

7. May sunshine always find you in this New Year!

8. May you steer in the right direction each moment of the New Year! Happy Chinese New Year!

9. May you enjoy the best of the best health all around the year! Happy Chinese New Year!

10. In this New Year, May blessings and wealth overflow in your life. Happy Chinese New Year!

11. Wishing you good health, riches, and joy in this New Year.

12. This New Year, I wish you happiness. Happy Chinese New Year!

13. As you step into another year, may every step you take be a road to success! Happy Chinese New Year!

General FAQ

What do you say on Chinese New Year?

Gong hei fat choy – wishing you great happiness and prosperity

How do you write Happy Chinese New Year?

xīn nián (new year) kuài lè (happy)

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