Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes: As we highlight Christian wedding anniversary wishes it’s good to note that weddings are very important event for Christians, that is why it very vital to remember sending Christian wedding anniversary wishes to any of friends or relative having this special day.

Wedding anniversary come in handy in reminding the couple of the solid vows they made to each other. In a Christian set up rarely is divorce encouraged, the vows made during the wedding are meant for good or worse. To support and remind the celebrating couple of their wishes we have listed below some of the best Christian wedding anniversary wishes, hope they will be of help

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

1. Today I made a special prayer for you: that the Lord will walk with you, carry the both of you in situation when you are unable to walk in His footsteps. May the candle of love in your hearts continue to glow every day, Happy wedding anniversary

2. Happy wedding anniversary to you, surely the Lord has walked with you through the many years you have been together. To us you are like a precious gem that guide us and show us the right path to follow. God bless you.

3. Looking at how the love in your hearts shine through your eyes is enough sign that true love does exist. You marriage has worked out of love and hard work. May God bless you and happy wedding anniversary

4. Our prayers have been constantly answered, we have had our fight but somehow we reconcile and are able to build a strong marriage. My prayers and wish in today’s wedding anniversary is that we grow old together and be happy as always.

5. Looking back today I now know the meaning of: he who finds a wife finds a good thing, your support has been great in my life, wish us a happy anniversary

6. The day I met you I knew my wishes to find that dream partner had been met, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary I take this chance to wish you a good life filled with good health and more smile, love you

7. Honey, the joy I feel in my heart is great; no word can describe the journey we have walked together. I only wish that we stand for each other, happy wedding anniversary to you.

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8. Happy wedding anniversary to you, may the day bring you even more closer. Your love for God and people is indescribable, so may the favour of Almighty God be with you this day

Wedding Anniversary Christian Wishes

9. Over the years we have become wiser and know the importance of marriage, I love you with all my heart and my prayer this day is that our love may even grow stronger to conquer all that we shall face.

10. Just the other day we witnessed you take you vows, you were young and jubilant. You have stuck together through all the challenges you faced and you have become triumphant to see a day when you will celebrate you wedding anniversary. God bless you as you look forward to this day.

11. Marriage is an institution where two different people come together and live together forever. It gives me joy to see how far you have come without much disagreement, may your union be blessed more as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

12. I still have confidence that God exclusively selected you for me. We cannot claim that our marriage has been perfect but even in disagreements we have a way to forgive and move on. God has been our guide, happy wedding anniversary and cheers to many more

13. May God’s hand continue to guide and see us through, to help us celebrate more wedding anniversary

14. God has been faithful to bless with a happy union. He has been the strong third cord that has kept us together in times when it was difficult to do so. Happy wedding anniversary

15. Thank you for being a valued friend, lover, advisor, faithful partner and a true blessing from heaven. Every day I count you as most treasured gift in this world. Happy wedding anniversary

Happy Anniversary Christian

1. Truly the Lord knows the desire of our hearts, you came in my life and joy has always been in my heart. Today we remember the day we said our vows to each other and am glad to be your partner. Happy wedding anniversary

2. Our God delights in a good marriage and yours has proven to be just that, when I look at you my prayers become more vivid: I want a marriage like yours. Have a wonderful wedding anniversary

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3. It’s unmistakable that God’s love and grace has brought us this far. Since we met, you have been a true inspiration. You have taught me the Lords way and I am glad to have you in my life. Cheers to our wedding anniversary

4. Still remember the first day you saw her, your world seemed to have stopped a bit and you actually said: she will be mine. It brings joy in my heart to see you celebrate your wedding anniversary. May God bless as you recall all He has done for you.

5. You are a true inspiration to many; you both remind many that a good Christian marriage can still work. Happy wedding anniversary

6. Happy wedding anniversary, in your weakness and strength you purposed to make your marriage work. The God who brought you two together has actually sustained your marriage. Be blessed

7. Only true love in its purest form and the blessings from our Lord Jesus can make a marriage so joyful. I am privileged to be one of the people to see the two of you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Wish you all the best

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Christian

8. As you celebrate your union I know over the years you have received different advices on how to make it work. But a good Christian marriage is guided by the basic truths from the Bible and counsel from Holy Spirit. Continue letting God be your biggest counselor. Happy wedding anniversary

9. As a wife and husband you have shown the world how to enjoy your responsibility in marriage as per God’s guidance. You are such a lovely couple who inspires many to build a Christian marriage. Happy wedding anniversary and may your dreams come true

10. As we celebrate our wedding anniversary just know this: you are my rainbow, you make me smile even when it’s raining, and like a precious gem I value you to the deepest part in my heart and never forget what you mean to me. Cheers to many more anniversary, Amen

11. Am happy, not because I have silver and gold, but because I have you in my life. It’s neither the car that I ride nor the house I live in that make me smile every evening, it’s you my love. Happy wedding anniversary

12. It only took me few days to realize that you the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Truly the good gifts in life are free, given by God and no one can steal them from us. You are a God given gift that I will forever cherish, happy wedding anniversary

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Christian Wedding Anniversary Messages

13. We know the enemies of a good Christian marriage are many, including the devil himself. Through the power of Holy Spirit you have fought the good fight. With only your actions and perseverance we have known what it takes to have a good union, happy wedding anniversary to you

14. In Christianity a marriage is more fulfilling, the husband loves the wife as Christ loved the church and the wife submits fully to him. No one is allowed to break what God has brought together and above all the children are shown how to love both God and people. You have a truly become a godly example, happy wedding anniversary

15. Since my childhood I always wished for a good Christianity marriage: one that we would pray together, eat together, laugh together and have each other’s back in times of trouble. God has been good today I can smile as my prayers were heard. Happy wedding anniversary

16. Our marriage has taught me that we sow what we reap, in our first years together I was good at sowing remorse, bitterness and anger. But through God’s grace you showed me how to grow kindness, forgiveness, true love and joy. I have grown to become a better person who loves to smile and do good every chance I get, happy wedding anniversary

17. Heaven rejoice for the success of a Christian marriage, a family with a godly back ground is able to conquer what other cannot. Rejoice on coming wedding anniversary

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