2019 Christmas day in Kenya

2019 Christmas day in Kenya

This year Christmas day will be celebrated on Wednesday. In Kenya this one of the most celebrated day. Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus in different ways. The amazing thing about Christmas day in Kenya is that it brings people together. Every year hundreds of people travel to their rural areas so as to be with their loved ones.

2017 Christmas day in Kenya

On Christmas day people congregate at do different places and since the reason for the season is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ many people remember to go church. The most important thing about this day is that people are able to unite together.

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In Kenya as we celebrate 2019 Christmas day it’s important to remember the following

• Sharing with those who are may lack in one way or the other. It’s good to remember the less privileged like the orphans
• Remember that your family should be in you plan. Spending time with family should a priority.
• Spend wisely.. As a norm we expect schools to open in January so overspending during the holiday may lead to unnecessary financial constraints.
• Stay safe. If you plan to drink alcohol at least have a designated driver who will drive you in time of need.

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In most parts of the world Christmas is apparently not a religious day to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It has lost its meaning and hence commercialized to be a general day of celebrating with lots of sharing and Santa Claus getting the attention of the day. In Kenya Christmas is a special day for Christian and so the hope is that Jesus will be the reason for the season.


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