Christmas Invitation Wording: Examples & Ideas

Christmas Invitation Wording: Christmas is a wonderful day that is celebrated once a year. It is a day when families and friends come together to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Coming together adds more meaning to Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner.

Picking the right Christmas party Invitation Wording is important as it sets the tone of the party. Invitation wording for Christmas parties mainly depends on the type of party you are hosting, the location, the theme of the party, and the guests.

Finding Christmas Invitation Wording or Christmas dinner invitation wording ideas sometimes can be a big challenge. That’s why we have decided to look at Christmas Party Invitation Wording examples that will inspire you to find the right Christmas Party Invitation Wording.

Christmas Invitation Wording

Our house needs some warmth this Christmas season. You are hereby invited to make it warmer.

We are grateful to have you as our friend. You are hereby invited for a little get-together at our home this Christmas from [time].

Jingle bell, jingle bell! Come and Join us for the Christmas party. The venue will be [venue] from [time]. The Christmas Spirit will be in full.

It is that time of the year when cheers and merry are in the air. We have been busy but now it’s time to celebrate. You are invited to a Christmas party on [date] from [time]. Don’t miss it.

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Christmas Party Invitation Template

This is the season for Celebrations, the venue will be at [venue] on [date] from [time]. The dress code is [dress code]. RSVP to Mike (Phone number / Email address) by [date]

We hope you can join us for our annual Christmas party celebrations on [day, date] at [time], [Venue]. It’s going to be a jolly good time! RVSP to Jane [phone number]/ Email by [date].

Friends like you make Christmas the best holiday of the year. Please join us for the Christmas holiday celebrations on December 20 at 6:00 PM at Mark and Mercy Home, 4321 Avenue Street. RSVP to Mark (Phone number/email address) by Dec. 12

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Christmas Party Invitation Wording

We are sending a warm Christmas invitation to all our employees to invite you to join us for the Christmas celebrations at [venue] from [time] on [date].

A beautiful Christmas night awaits us. All the preparations are ready for the night. We are only waiting for your reservations. Join us to celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Invitation Wording

Join us this Christmas night for a night of music, dancing, fun, and delicious food. RSVP by Dec. 12

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Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

This Christmas season, let us come together and enjoy the merry as one. Please join us with your family on [date] to enjoy Christmas together!

Christmas is one of the best times to party. This party will not be complete without you. Come and join us to make this Christmas enjoyable and memorable.

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas party. Bring along your charm and fun.

We are going to celebrate this Christmas at [location] with our family. We would like to invite you and your family to join us for the celebrations.

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Christmas Party Invitation Example

Come one, come all! Join us as we celebrate this awesome day at [venue] from [time].

Come and enjoy the food and drinks on [date] at [venue]. Reserve in advance!

The Annual Christmas Party is finally set on [date] at [time.  Save the date and don’t forget to bring a $20 gift for the gift exchange.

Join us for a Christmas cocktail on [date] at [time] at [venue]. Please RSVP

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Christmas Lunch Invitation Message

Here’s some invite wording for a Christmas lunch party.

Let us Drink, Eat, and be Merry this Christmas holiday season. Please join us for a Christmas Luncheon on [date] at [venue].

Christmas is a time of good cheer. Join us for a Christmas Cocktail Party to celebrate the success we have had this year. The date is set on [date] at [venue].

The Christmas celebrations are beginning to gain momentum. What you are waiting for. Join us at our residence for lunch and drinks as we have fun.

This Christmas will not be complete without you. We would like to invite you to come and join us for lunch at our home from [time].

Let it snow! Let us celebrate. You’re invited for Christmas lunch at [venue] from [time] on [date].

Christmas comes once a year; don’t be left out, come and let’s celebrate with some holiday cheer! You are hereby invited for a delicious Christmas lunch at [venue] from [time].

I look forward to having lunch with you and your family this Christmas season. Come and join us for the Christmas celebrations.

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Christmas Dinner Invitation Message

Here are some Invitation for Christmas Dinner Wording ideas that will enable you to find the right wording to use.

Come, join us to share the joys of the season, and spread the cheer. Join us for dinner on [date] at our residence from [time]. RSVP 987 657 876

This is the season we have all been waiting for, a season of cheer and exchanging of gifts. Come and let’s enjoy dinner together. There will be lots of food and drinks.

Join us to spread the cheer on [date] at [venue]. You are hereby invited to enjoy dinner with us. There will be plenty of food. Come with an empty stomach.

Today will be an awesome day, and that’s why we are inviting you to come and join us to have dinner.  You are highly invited to join us from [time].

Office Christmas Party Invitation Wording

Here is some work Christmas party invitation wording or invitation for the staff Christmas party.

You are invited to an office Christmas party and Gift Exchange on [date] from [time], [Venue]

[Company name] would like to invite you to the Christmas holiday celebrations. Please Join Us For Dinner! [Date] at [venue]. Bring your family along. RSVP by [date] using this email address [email address].

It is that time of the year that we all gather for the Christmas celebrations. Please join us at [venue] from [time]. RSVP by [date] by following this link

Funny Christmas Party Invitation Wording

Using humor is one way of making your Christmas invite stand out from the others and set the Christmas party mood. Find some examples of funny Christmas party invitation wording that you can use.

Ho Ho Ho, Jingle All the Way Over to Our House for the Christmas Celebration party on December 20th at 8 pm. Purity and James’s Home, 34 Street Avenue. There will be plenty of food, feel free to come with your plate if you need extra portions. RSVP to James (Phone Number / Email address) by Dec. 12.

Hold on, the party is already set, we are having a Christmas Bash on [date], Get your jolly on with us as we celebrate this holiday season at Mark’s home, 201 Main St. House number 15. RSVP to Brian (Phone Number / Email address) by [date].

You have been blacklisted by Santa for being naughty. We are giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Please join us for our annual Christmas party celebration on [date] at [venue]. RSVP to Judy (Phone Number / Email address) by [date].

Christmas Party Invite Phrases to use

Here are some Christmas Party Invite Phrases that you can use in your Christmas party invitation wording.

  • Jingle and Mingle
  • Mingle and Jingle
  • Join Us For a Holiday Open House
  • Let’s Get Jolly
  • Making Spirits Bright
  • Join Us For Some Holiday Cheer
  • Join Us For a Joyful Celebration
  • You’re On Our Nice List
  • We’re Having a Merry Little Christmas Party
  • We’re Decking the Halls
  • Join Us For Christmas Cocktails

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