Best Short Love Poems

Best Short Love Poems: There are so many ways to pass a message to your lover, telling them how much you love them. One of the ways is by use of poems.

Find Best Short Love Poems for him or her.

Let Me Stare at You Daily

My love, Let me stare at you daily
You are the one I want
To be with and spend my entire life with
You are the one my heart desires

I am lost in your love
Your smile
Your beauty
Makes me stare at you

Let me stare at you
I cannot get enough of you
You are the one
I have been waiting for

I’ll give you my love
I will cherish you
Be therefore you
And always love you
Just let me stare at you daily

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Let Me Love You Poem

My love let me love you
It has not been a walk in the park
I have faced many challenges
Life became unbearable

I used to dream of a perfect life
Now, I know how it feels
When one is heartbroken
I have gone through the darkest moments in life

Let me love you
Show you how it feels to love
There might be a few challenges
But never let me down

Don’t give up.
Everything will work out fine
Let me love you
Give you a shoulder to lean on

I will always be there for you
To care and love you
Be your happiness and joy
Let me love you

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Incomparable Love Poem

Our incomparable love
Is a true reflection of our hearts
We complete each other
The love we share is Incomparable.

We might have gone through a lot of pain
But we still find ourselves together
I have seen our love grow
It has never stopped growing

Sometimes we don’t need to say it
The feelings always come out so strong
We always get it right
Our love is Incomparable

Your love is incomparable

Is This Love Real Poem

Baby, is this love real
I can’t believe it
Tell me this love is real
I can’t believe you are mine

Baby, is this love real
I can’t believe it
You are the queen of my heart
I am the king of your heart

Baby is this love real
I will not take it for granted
Tell me what you need baby
I give you all my love

Baby is this love real
Don’t say a word
I can feel it
I can’t deny the feeling

Baby, is this love real
The heart does not lie
Oh! I have never felt this way
I love you.

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Our Love is Real Poem

My dear,
Our love is real
We found true love
You are the love of my life

It started as a true friendship
It moved from one step to another
It grew into love
Our love is real

I always long to be with you
Spend my moments with you
Can’t imagine life without you
Our love is real

You are worth it all
I’d climb the mountain for you
Get you anything you desire
Your love is all I need

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Our Love Poem

Our love began in a twinkle of an eye
It then grew over time
It continues to grow every day
It will last forever

Our love is strong
It can never be broken
It’s formed by a strong foundation
Trust is everything

Let’s put our love first
Everything else can wait
Our love is greater
Than anything else

When I am down
You lift me up
When I am weak
You make me strong

For our love
I want you beside me
Hold me tight
Let me feel your love

Just the Two of Us Poem

Just the two of us
We can go to places
We can achieve our dreams
The love we share is strong

From the first time
I set my eyes on you
I knew we were meant to be
Just the two of us

Good things come to those who wait
I want to be the one with you
Share the memories
We have together

I am glad I met you
I will love and treasure you
All the days of my life
I love you

Let Me Be Your Lover Poem

I am falling in love with you
Can’t deny the feelings
Don’t have the words to express
Let me be your lover

Spent years waiting for you
Now that I found you
Don’t want to lose the chance
Let me your lover

Tell me what to do
For you to be my lover
I’d do anything for you
You are my world

If you let me be your lover
I’ll give you all my heart
I will love you without limitations
And will always be there for you

Let me be your Knight Poem

Let me be your Knight
A knight who is there for you
The one who eases your pain
A knight who is your hero

Let me be your knight
The who comforts you when you’re sad
The one that covers you when it rains
The one who will never give up on you

Let me be your knight
Make you happy when you’re mad
A knight who would wash away your tears
A knight who protects you from all your fears

Let me be your knight
The one who cares for who you are
Hold you through the night
I’ll be your forever shining knight

Me and You Poem

You are my love
My one and only
Me and You

We will achieve our dreams

My love, you are all I need
I feel empty without you
You make me complete
My heart yearns for your love

I need you close
To be in your arms
Hold me tight
Let me feel your warmth

Me and you
Will make the best couples
My love for you is great
Words cannot express

I miss you, my love
My heart skips for your love
I need you close to me
All the days of my life

The Power of Love Poem

The power of love
Is so strong
I can see it in your eyes
I can’t hide it anymore

I can feel you close to my body
You are warm and tender
I cannot control myself
It’s the power of love

I want to whisper to your ears
Tell you how much I love you
Plan our dreams together
As I cannot figure my life without you

Because I am yours and you are mine
We cannot deny the power of love
I will climb the mountains for you
I will fly miles just to be with you

Time of the Season for Loving Poem

It’s the time of the season for loving
Love is in the air
It’s time to give it all
I will love you as I have always done

Come with me
Let’s tour the world
Show everyone our love
It’s the time of the season for loving

Life is worth enjoying
When I have you with me
It’s worth living for
I love you my darling

It’s the time of the season for loving
This is the season I love most
A season that brings joy and happiness
A season that takes me to the stars

This is the season we all long for
A season of loving
We give it our best
Time of the Season for Loving
I love you

Your Love Satisfies Poem

My dearest love
Let me be your hero
Take you places
You have never dreamed of

Let me whisper
The sweet words into your ears
Hold you tight
Never to let you go

My dearest love
I see you in my thoughts and dreams
Let me be yours
My love for you is real

No one truly knows
I have written your name into my heart
Forever it will stay
You are my dearest love

My first love Poem

You were my first love
The first I ever loved
The first I ever cherished
How important you were

You are still my first love
Our love will never die.
Even though you are not close
I feel like you are close to me

No matter the distance
Shadows of your smile and beauty,
Will never fade
You always have a place in my heart

Even if we do not meet
I occasionally check to see
That you are happy
Even if we can’t be together

You were the first
To make me feel this way
You made me see life in a different way
You made life so full of excitement and passion

Our relationship was magical
The love was strong and powerful
Even after many years
I still feel the love for you
You are my first love

Your Love Is Magical

I can’t explain how I feel
Words cannot express my love for you
Your love is magical
I love you from the bottom of my heart

You make me fly
You make me be where I have never been
That’s how you make me feel
Your love is magical
Words cannot express my love for you
My love for you is real
When I am with you
I am lost for words

You are my strength when I am weak
You are my hope when I am hopeless
You are my light when it’s dark
Your love is magical

What I feel inside is so strong
I’ll go anywhere with you
I will do anything for you
Your love is magical
I love you

You Make My Tears Disappear Poem

My love, when I am down
When I feel like running away
When I feel like crying
You make my tears disappear

You know about my feelings
You understand me better
When I am sad, you can feel it
You make my tears disappear

When I am happy
It’s you I share my feelings with
When I am low, you give me a shoulder
You make my tears disappear

I am glad I met you
My heart tells me
You are the only one for me
The best of the best

You are everything I need
You are my world
I will never stop loving you
You make my tears disappear

When Love Arrives Poem

When Love Arrives
You will not know it
You will find yourself drawn into it
Wanting more and more of it

When love arrives
Your heart will be at ease
You will want to go to places
Be with the same person over and over

When love arrives
Your fears will be gone
Your worries will go
You will have found your dream partner

When love arrives
You will understand how it feels
To fall in love, to love and treasure a person

Your heart will be warm and
Filled with their thoughts






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