Cousin’s Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Cousin’s Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes: Cousins are very special in our life.  There is always that strong bond between cousins. In a family, they are the second-closest after siblings and best friends.

They are the ones with whom you make beautiful and best memories in life together. They make Family reunions, summer vacations, holidays, family functions, birthdays, get-togethers, and other functions full of fun and happiness.

Some families maintain a strong connection with cousins no matter where they go. With cousins, there are always lots of memories to share. That’s why we have cousin’s day which is celebrated on July 24th of every year.

On this National Cousins Day, Let your cousin know how much they mean to you. Send cousins day wishes, messages, and quotes through text message, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any social media platform.

Happy Cousin’s Day Wishes

To my best cousin, I want you to know you are always close to my heart. Thank you for always being there for me whenever I need you. I wish you a Happy Cousins Day!

To my favorite cousin, thank you for making my life lively. Happy Cousins Day!

Happy Cousins Day Wishes

The vacations we spent together are the best memories that I had during my childhood. Happy Cousin’s Day!

Thanks for always covering up for me. You are the best cousin that I have. Happy Cousins Day dear.

Dear Cousin, years have passed and I can see each year you have grown wiser. I am so happy for you. I wish you a filled Happy Cousins Day.

I am glad to have you in my life as my cousin. Happy Cousin’s Day!

Dear cousin, the best thing that ever happened in my life is growing up with you. Happy Cousins Day!

Thank you for always being there for me when I need you most. Happy Cousins Day!

God knew I needed a cousin like you and that’s why He gave me you. I wish you a Happy Cousin’s Day!

Having you in my life, complement my life. Thank you for always agreeing to my decisions and supporting me in every way. Happy Cousins day, my dear cousin!

The get-togethers at our grandparent’s house are the best childhood memory that I have ever had. Happy cousin’s day to you!

To my one and only cousin, I wish you happiness and good health in life. Happy Cousins Day!

I am blessed to have a cousin like you. I want to thank you for being my closest and best friend. Happy Cousins Day!

No one understands me as you do, cousin. You have always supported me even at my lowest moments. Happy Cousins day dear!

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Cousin’s Day Messages

Dear cousin, even if we used to fight a lot, you still mean a lot to me, I am blessed to have you as my cousin. I wish you a blessed day. Happy Cousins Day!

To my dearest cousin, I hope we shall meet soon because I greatly miss you. Happy Cousins day!

There is something that I have never told you that I would like you to know. You are not only a brother to me; you are also a very good friend. Happy Cousins Day Bro!

Dear sister, I am so lucky to have a beautiful cousin like you. Thanks for always being there for me. Happy cousin’s day, my beautiful cousin!

Happy Cousins Day Brother, Thanks for being a lifesaver. Because of you, I had a wonderful childhood.

Cousins Day Messages

Every moment of my life, I feel so lucky that I have you. Thank you for always being there for me. You are more than a brother. Happy Cousins Day Bro!

I thank God for giving me such a wonderful sister. You have always made my life happy and full of joy. May you always spread happiness wherever you go, Happy Cousins Day!

Your presence in my life is a blessing and a source of joy and happiness. It is my prayer for all your dreams to come true. Happy Cousins Day!

Every single day we are happy to have you in our lives. You are truly a blessing to us. Happy Cousins Day, we love you.

Today is a special day; I want you to know how much you are loved. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and a family. Happy Cousins Day!

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Cousins Day Quotes

God knew our parents would not handle us as siblings, He, therefore, made us cousins.

We and cousins by blood but friends by choice.

Friendship is the only thing that holds cousins together.

Cousins and yet the best friends.

Cousins Day Quotes

The bond which connects all of us as cousins. Happy Cousin’s day to all my cousins wherever you are!

Cousins are friends that will be there for each other forever.

Cousins may not always call you, but they are there for you in every situation that you face!

Cousins make childhood fun, interesting, and memorable.

Cousins will always be special friends.

The relationship of a cousin is never separated by distance and time. I wish you a fun-filled day!

Something Sweet to Say to Your Cousin

I don’t know how my life would be if I didn’t have a cousin like you. You’ve made my life interesting and exciting. Happy Cousins Day!

You have never let me down; you are more like a brother to me. Happy cousin’s day to you!

My childhood was adventurous and exciting all because of you. Thank you for being my cousin. Happy Cousins Day!

Do you remember how much we used to fight for the toys? I want you to know you were still my favorite playmate.  I wish you a Happy Cousins Day!

Sharing my childhood with you was a blessing to me. Each day was full of fun. You were my favorite playmate and sister. Happy Cousin’s Day!

Happy Cousins Day my dear cousin! You have never let me feel the loneliness of not having a sister. You have always fulfilled that void. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you for being the first friend in my life. Happy Cousin’s Day!

I am grateful that I have a cool, cousin. Happy Cousins Day!

Cousins are very special to our life. They are the ones with whom we make beautiful and lasting memories in life. This is one of the best days to tell your cousin how much you love them and appreciate them being in your life. Send Happy Cousins Day Messages, quotes, and wishes.

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