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Motivational Fitness Quotes: It takes courage to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To give you some extra motivation for your workouts; today we highlighted some of the best motivational exercise quotes and motivational fitness quotes.

The reason why you have continually followed your fitness program is that you have that internal motivation, but some encouraging words will definitely give you some external motivation to make you go the extra mile.

Every New Year’s Eve a good number of women and men across the world make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and become fit. As the days go by some lose motivation. If you have a friend who is finding it challenging to continue with their fitness program you could send them one or two of these fitness quotes. A little encouragement goes a long way in helping someone not to lose motivation.

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Motivational Fitness Quotes

To stand out from the rest means going the extra mile.

Every woman has a great body, but choices have their impact, choose to look great.

Push a little more and you will love the look in the mirror.

You will never know your limits until you try out new things.

The journey of having a great body starts in your mind, if you see it you will work towards it.

Your health is your most precious gem; make every choice to guard it.

It’s not the few hours of workout that makes you fit; it’s what you choose to do on a day-to-day schedule.

It’s not the complexity of the exercise that matters but the consistency, 30 minutes daily walk is better than 100 miles run once per year.

Nothing burns calories better than the footsteps you take.

Be patient with yourself, a few days of workout cannot take away the few pounds of fat gained over the years.

Every time you look into the mirrors and don’t like what you see, always remember that you have what it takes to get what you want.

Every person is unique, your fitness program is not a competition, you can challenge yourself but don’t compare yourself.

Don’t just exercise to lose weight, aim to have a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t let the pain in your muscles make you give up, always keep in mind where there is no pain, no gain is expected.

Do what you love, and your workout sessions will never be a bother.

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Motivational Exercise Quotes

A curvy body is beautiful, but a healthier and strong body is way more important.

Don’t be deceived, even the sexy cover girl in your local magazine has workout programs, genes may play a part but maintaining a great booty requires effort.

The best and healthiest alternative to weight loss supplements and pills are squats, jumping jacks, cardio, rumba, push-ups, and lunges…….

No sweat no gain.

No amount of fitness equipment will make you lose weight unless you use it.

If you have no other reason to be strong, be strong for yourself.

Grow your muscles when you can and one day you be grateful you did.

The best tip for a fitness program is to start as early as possible.

If you don’t turn the extra pounds of body fat into calories, soon they will turn your body into an island illness.

If having good health is your first priority, you will find time to exercise.

Work out in silence and the results will speak out for you.

If you think having muscle pain due to exercise is unbearable, try walking on weak joints for the rest of your life.

Don’t constantly eat that pizza if you know you won’t go the extra mile to burn the extra calories you get.

It may hurt today, but tomorrow it will make you stronger.

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Inspiration Fitness Quotes

Losing weight is not for the faint-hearted; if you expect easy results you will give up soon.

It’s not the strongest people who win, but those who have the will to become winners.

Both failure and success start in our minds.

Fitness is like a relationship; you cannot cheat and expect to get good results.

Your body has no spare part, treat it with respect.

Make workouts your lifestyle, and a sexy body will be your companion even in old age.

If you didn’t gain weight overnight don’t expect to lose it overnight.

A single step is more important than a fitness plan in your daily journal.

The only inadequate workout is the only one you dint practice.

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Don’t be afraid to sweat like a pig, it’s the impact of the sweat that will give you a perfect waistline.

Unless you have decided to be fit, no amount of motivation will help you stay fit.

Don’t only aim to be skinny, aim to be strong.

Squats may give you some pain in the ass, but be sure they will also give you a great butt.

Start somewhere, even the greatest fitness guru started with a few push-ups.

Don’t be upset with the great shape of your next-door neighbor if didn’t take the initiative to do what they do.

Fitness is not all about diet.

Seating for long hours has more negative results than you know, if you sit all day, you have no choice but to look for a way to move those legs.

Never fear to take care of your body, you have no other place that you can move into.

Exercise your muscles and joints when you can or you will later look for a therapist.

The answer to glowing skin may be more in your exercise routine than in the expensive moisturizer.

To be fit does not mean outdoing others but outdoing your old self.

It is never too late to exercise, age is no limit.

In fitness, you cannot have results and excuses in the same sentence.

You are the master of your own body what you train it, it will adapt.

Nothing makes your heart stronger than exercise.

Always remember that the Best Doctors in the World include: faith in God, Sunlight, rest, exercise, good nutrition, good friends, and self-confidence.

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