Funny Good Morning Messages, Wishes & Quotes

Funny Good Morning Messages: One of the best things in life is when you start your day with a smile on your face. You can easily put a smile on the face of those close to you. It can be your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, him, her, your love, or friends.

Start his/her day start with a hilarious good morning text message when they wake up. Funny good-morning greetings will make a big difference.

There are days you want to text that funny good morning wishes but cannot find the perfect words to use. These funny good morning text messages will inspire you to find your own wording. Put a smile on their face early in the morning with these funny good morning wishes.

Funny Good Morning Messages

If you don’t wake up, you are going to miss the cream of the sun. Good morning!

Good morning. The sun is already calling you. I decided to answer it for you.

Wake up and start your engine with a cup of coffee because the day is going to be so long. Good morning!

Good morning! Relax no hurry to wake up; you still have tomorrow to do what you had planned for today.

Always have positive thoughts as you will never find them in real life. Good morning. I wish you a great day!

Funny Good Morning Messages

Good Morning! Just because Monday is not liked, does not mean it will be a bad day for you. Hope you have an amazing day!

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Funny Good Morning Wishes

You are so lucky your alarm didn’t kick you out of your bed, but I am sure your bed will, If not try sleeping the whole day. Good morning!

Good morning to the person whom I would like to spend another day with. I am crazily in love with you. I wish you a good day!

This is not fair. I was about to wish you good morning only to realize you have already woken up. Good morning!

You are so privileged to have a king like me in your life. Good morning, my love.

I was cuddling you as I whisper sweet words into your ears and then something weird happened. The alarm bell rang. Good morning!

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Her

The sun is already up, the sunshine is beautiful and so are you. Good morning sweetheart!

They say love is blind, but I can see your beautiful face. Good morning my love!

Good morning my sunshine! I can’t see you in my dreams, have you already woken up. Have a wonderful day!

Good Morning! No matter the day of the week, it does not allow you to continue sleeping. You have to get up and work.

Wake up sleepy, I wanted to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday! Oops, wait a minute, it’s not your birthday. Good morning! You can now go back to sleep.

Good morning sweetheart. You look more beautiful in the morning than in the other hours of the day. Wake up and have a wonderful day!

Good morning my sunshine! I can’t see you in my dreams, have you already woken up. Have a wonderful day!

Good Morning! No matter the day of the week, it does not allow you to continue sleeping. You have to get up and work.

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Funny Good Morning Texts for Her

Good Morning, my darling, you are the reason why I always wake up very early in the morning and stay on my guard throughout the night.

I know the trouble you have to undergo when getting out of bed. Take your time, my queen. It’s a trouble that queens have to bear. Good morning, my love.

Every morning gives me the opportunity to see who shines more, the sun or you. You are my sunshine. Good morning, honey.

If you never saw me when you woke up, please go back to sleep so that you can wake up afresh. Good morning, sweetheart.

Want breakfast in bed? Sorry, not possible. I am already at work. Good morning, love.

Mornings will come and go, but none will be as sweet as today’s, because I woke up next to you. Good morning, baby.

If you never met me in your dreams, I will advise you to go back to your sleep. Good morning, darling.

They say the first thing one should do is ask how your night was, but I was right here with you and I know how it was. Good morning, baby.

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Him

Good morning handsome! It’s time to wake up. Give the bugs some rest; they have really enjoyed the feast.

Why do you make me rise up this early, and yet I want to dream about you? Good morning!

I know you have been thinking about when will morning reach so that you can get out of your bed and eat because of your big appetite. Have a great day!

Good morning, my love. I know you love to stay in bed but your coffee needs you. Get up, my love.

Wake up sleepy; let’s welcome another day in our life together as we try our best to put up with each other. Good morning!

We were spending some quality time together only for the alarm clock to interfere. Good Morning!

Funny Good Morning Wishes for Friends

Good morning my colleague, I am here to help you, just a few hours late.

Sending you those extra 5 minutes you need to be in bed. Good Morning!

Surprise, you are not dreaming, it’s another day. Good morning dear friend.

Stop building castles in your dream, wake up, and face reality. Good morning!

Receive a little energy to wake you up. Good Morning.

Life is good when you don’t have an alarm clock next to your bed. Good morning, my friend!

Don’t worry my friend if you did not have enough sleep last night, you still have tomorrow to extend your sleep. Good morning!

Funny Good Morning Quotes

You should experience the sunrise once a day.

The sunshine is jealous of the relationship you have with your bed. Get up sleepy. Have a wonderful morning!

Don’t let the dream do away, keep it alive. Press the snooze button.

Whether you set the alarm or not the morning will still come.

My alarm can’t let me sleep in peace.

Morning is the best time to relax; it’s only that it comes at the most inconvenient time of the day.

These sarcastic good morning messages, silly good morning, hilarious good morning messages, or funny good morning messages will enable you to find the right funny good morning wording to wish someone a good morning.

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