Funny Good Night Messages

Funny Good Night Messages: Sending funny good night quotes and messages is one of the best ways to wish your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or family member a good night.

A funny good night message will not only bring a smile to their face but will also build a good relationship between the two of you.

Good night quotes funny message is also another way to say I appreciate your friendship and care. Below is a good number of funny good night messages that you can send.

Funny Good Night Messages

1. Do not sleep so tight until you can’t hear. When I was at your house earlier I saw bed bugs. Be on the lookout. Goodnight m.y friend,

2. As much as I appreciate your friendship, my best moment with you is when you wish me a good night. Goodnight my dear

3. Night is time to rest and relax. Do not spend time thinking about tomorrow! Just go to the words of dreams in peace. Good night!

4. This message is full of hugs and kisses. Hold it tight to receive. Wishing you a sweet night, Good tight!

5. If you can’t find sleep and you are always peeping on the phone to chat, just switch it off and enjoy your sleep. Good Night.

6. I don’t have the energy to talk; this text is more than enough. See you tomorrow. Good night!

7. May the darkness of the night fill your dreams! Sleep tight and good night!

8. I just had a nightmare, I saw you being kidnapped, I chased the kidnappers but could not get hold of them. Checking if you are safe! I wish you a good night that is free of nightmares!

9. I love how some people never say good night. Let me be the first to wish you a good night

10. Being successful is not about how many friends you have, but the quality of friends. Good night my friend.

Good Night Quotes Funny

1. I wish I could be the stars. I would watch over you as you sleep. May your dreams come true! I wish you a peaceful night

2. It is time to let all your troubles and worries melt away. As you retire to bed, I wish you the best night ever. Good night my friend.

3. Nothing can make your body feel so relaxed and fresh apart from having a good night’s sleep. May you have a great sleep!

4. For you to have a sweet dream all you have to do is think about me. Good night!

5. Sending you, a sweet message to give you the best dream ever tonight. Have a wonderful sleep!

6. Darling, do not cuddle the pillows, I am right here for you. Good night!

7. Welcome to Sweet Dreams shuttle. Fasten the blanket, pull the pillow in position, close your eyes, and get ready to sleep. We will shortly be arriving at dreamland. Good Night!

8. Don’t accept cheap good night messages, only receive messages from the original and authorized dealer for good night wishes. Good night and Sweet dreams!

9. Fasten your blanket; we are starting our journey to dreamland. Have a safe journey. Good Night!

10. Saying Good night is not just a formality, it’s the art of Saying that I care and love you. Good Night my love.

11. I am sending you my bed to rest, the pillows to give you comfort and my blanket to keep you warm. Good Night!

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