Funny Messages for Friends – Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Messages for Friends – Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Messages for Friends: Friendship is all about sharing, no matter the state. If you are searching for Funny Friendship Messages to send to your friend, you are on the right place.

These funny messages for friends will enable you to have fun with your friend. What are you waiting for, share these best Funny Friendship Messages with your friends

Funny Messages for Friends

1. The only reason why you are my best friend is that you know too many of my secrets and I don’t want them to get out.

2. We are best friends because my character is same as yours.

3. You’re weird, very annoying and crazy, just like me

4. I will never worry if you fall down, I will always be ready to take selfies and post it on the social media.

5. I think you must be a loser for having a friend who is a loser

6. You can work out as much as you want, but you will never look like me, Lets meet at the gym.

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7. I like you so much because you are always ready to join my weirdness.

8. Don’t be as crazy as me, but I think you already are because you are my friend. Happy Friendship Day

9. I think we will be friends until the end to time because we are too lazy to find new friends

10. If you have a crazy friend, you have everything you ever need in life

Short Funny Friendship Quotes

1. We’ll be friends until we are toothless, then we will renew our friendship

2. Following me is your worst idea, now look we are both crazy and cannot thing straight

3. Our friendship will last a lifetime if no one will ask the other to lend some money

4. We have been friends for so many years, until I can’t remember who is a bad influence between us

5. Education cannot replace our friendship, I would rather be uneducated than lose you.

6. Good friends don’t let you do crazy things alone, they join you

7. It’s a beautiful thing having a friend as you get to do stupid things with them.

8. I knew you were my perfect match when I first say you because we shared the same kind of craziness

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Funny Friendship Quotes

1. My friends think you have a problem because you are my best friend

2. A friend is someone who knows you very well and still likes you

3. Bests Friends know everything about you and yet they choose to be seen with you in public with your craziness.

4. Best friends are like a dried leave, they can break any time.

5. I can’t tell which is tighter, our friendship or your jeans

6. Best friends don’t judge each other; all they do is judge other people together.

Funny Friendship Messages

1. It is a blessing to have a friend because you can afford to be stupid together

2. It is fun to have a friend who does not use long words but short words such as, can we have a cup of tea

3. The advantage of friendship is to talk your nonsense and have it respected.

4. Whoever says Friendship is easy they have never had a true friend

5. Friends will buy you food, but your best friend will eat everything

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6. As my best friend, I will never let you get lonely, I will always disturb you.

7. My friend, the way you attract me, is more than gravity. Happy friendship day wishes to you

8. Finding a Friend with Same Mental Disorder like you is priceless, thank you for being my friend.

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