Funny Valentine Messages for Friends in 2019

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends in 2019

Find Funny Valentine Messages for Friends. This is a day to show some love and at the same time be happy.

You can also send some funny funny Valentine’s Day quotes to your friends and make them feel happy. On this article you will find not only funny wishes about Valentine’s Day, you can also send it to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends

1. Here’s Valentine’s Day filled with the best moments, happiness and more so best friends like you

2. Hope you are prepared to send the best Valentine’s Day gift to me.

3. Oh! I know you don’t have someone to spice up your valentine, Let me be your valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day my best friend!

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4. I send you this gift to brighten up your day, hope you do the same or I recall the gifts

5. My friend, I am opening an emotional bank account for you, deposit your love so that it can earn interest until the day you withdrawal.

6. Don’t stress yourself too much; I can be your valentine.

Funny Valentine’s Day quotes for Friends

1.    You are the best person to spend the day with, Happy Valentine’s Day

2.    I wish my Valentine will be full of fun, not as boring as a normal day.

3.    Oh! How I wish my valentine’s day was as priceless as yours, No expenses at all

4.    Valentine’s Day is a day to reflect on where you went wrong, you have another year to correct everything

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5.    How I wish I would run into my ex on this special day

6.    May your Valentine’s Day celebration get a lot of likes

7.    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples, may your love last forever and, for the single people may your batteries last longer

8.    Today is St. Valentine’s Day. Others call it Love day and others see it as extortion day.

9.    It would be amazing if someone invented a skip button for Valentine’s Day.

10.    I believe you plan more for Valentine’s Day than an athlete.

11.    Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day for the couples. For the singles, they can only lock themselves indoors.

Funny Valentine’s Day greetings and wishes for Friends

12.    I do not need a photo to remember you, as you are always on my mind.

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