Funny Valentine Messages in 2020

Funny Valentine Messages in 2020

Find Funny Valentine Messages on this page. Valentine’s Day is a special day across the world. It’s a perfect day to be happy and put a smile on one’s face.

There are so many things you can do to make the other person happy. One of them is sending them Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes. Send your lover Valentine’s Day quotes that have humor and funny.  Move away from the tradition of sending the normal messages that everyone will send on valentine day.

You may also want to send a valentines message to your friend or family and you don’t want it to be romantic but funny. You can also have them as Funny Valentine’s Day Status.

Funny Valentine Messages

1. If it was possible, I would wrap up all my love for you, put it in a gift box and send it to you as a present. It’s only that there are no large enough boxes.

2. If you are single, just remember you don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day; there are plenty of singles waiting for you here.

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3. Valentine’s Day is for those in a serious relationship. All singles have fun for the remaining days of the year

4. Valentine’s Day is like being committed to that person for the whole day, while 364 days you have been free

5. Hope your status will not be complicated after Valentine’s Day

6. If you are alone during Valentine’s Day, you are so lucky; your expenses are very minimal.

7.    If you have only one smile, give it to someone you special to your heart

8.    If you don’t want to be marry, don’t look at what you don’t intend to have

9.    Love is a weird thing.

10.    Love is like a switch somebody else is always in control

11.    If love does not come your way, don’t forget to treat yourself

12.    Why do people fall in love if love is blind?

13.    It is hard to love and be intelligent at the same time. Love takes control of you.

14.    I have measured my love for you, and it has grown! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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15.    For the love I have for you, I would stay at your door to watch you.

16.   Friend, get married early in the morning. If it does not work out, at least you will not have wasted a whole day.

17.    Love is an imaginary feeling, if you don’t feel it with someone you don’t have it

18.    To all my friends who have someone special: Happy Valentine’s Day!

19.    Valentine’s Day just caught me red handed. Still single.

20.    I don’t love valentine’s day, but if you gave me some chocolate I would not refuse.

21.    Valentine’s is near, love is in the air. Oh! I am still single.

22.    You will have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince charming.

23.    Love is an ocean of feelings which is surrounded by expenses.

24.    You fill the space when my heart skips a beat

25.    I always like to eat an apple during Valentine’s Day.

26.    Valentine’s day, Is an amazing holiday that reminds how some of us are lonely

27.    I wish my phone won’t run out of batteries as it will be my Valentine

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28.    I am not single, its only that my day has not yet come

29.    If you are sending me a valentine gift send me your credit card details

30.    Dear bed, will you be my Valentine?

31.    Behind any successful man there is a woman and behind her is his wife

32.    Imagine I will never get tired of loving you

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