Funny Wedding Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Funny Wedding Wishes: Weddings bring people together to celebrate the union of two individuals who are in love. It is always a norm for us to bless the newly-wed couple with heartfelt wishes and messages. But why not be unique in your wedding wishes? Bring out some humor and make them laugh.

Make your wedding card stand out by using these funny wedding messages.

These funny wedding wishes, messages, and quotes will enable you to find funny heartwarming congratulatory words that you can send to your colleagues, cousins, siblings, relatives, or best friends.

Funny Wedding Wishes

Your problems have now increased. There is no way out until death, best wishes for your wedding.

I don’t know how you convinced each other to settle down. The craziest days of your life have now started.

I warned you, it’s a trap and there is no way you are making it out. Just kidding! Congratulations on your wedding!

Funny Wedding Wishes
I’ll tell you the secret to a happy married life if you let me have your wedding gifts. Until then, I wish you a happy married life.

Today is your last day of enjoying freedom, we warned you, now you will in prison for the rest of your life.

Funny Wedding Messages

Your life struggles and suffering have started. Enjoy quality time with each other for life. Congratulations!

I am happy that you are married! Congratulations on making the wrong decision.

What a beautiful day to get married. Congrats and thanks for giving us a day to just relax as we watch you walk down the aisle.

Let me tell you the secret to a happy marriage, sorry it still remains secret. Wishing you a happy wedding!

I knew you were in love but I never thought the two of you would go to the extent of marrying each other. Have a great married life ahead.

Now there is no way you will get out of the annoying things in life. Wishing you a happy wedding!

Funny Wedding Quotes

No more partying and getting home late. You will be answerable to someone.

Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you can put up with each other’s bad habits.

Marriage is a Trap. You are now trapped in it forever.

Marriage is not a guarantee that you will have a happy married life. If you want a happy life, don’t marry.

You have been madly in love with each other, after your wedding day, soon you will be mad with each other.

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