Good Friendship Messages

Good Friendship Messages

Good Friendship Messages: We all need friends especially when we are faced with challenges in life. When you a have a true friend, they help in ensuring you are always on the right track. They will always support you in time of need.

A friend in our lives makes our life so easy and every moment worth living. It is always good to send your friend friendship messages. These messages will let your friend know how special they are in your life.

Today we are going look at Good Friendship Messages, wishes and quotes that will help you express your feelings towards your friends. It will show how much you appreciate their friendship.

Good Friendship Messages

1. You are an amazing friend, thanks for enduring my crazy habits. I am glad you helped me find myself. I am very happy to have found my purpose in life.

2. Thanks for knowing when to keep quiet, and give me an ear.

3. If you need a friend to talk to and we are miles apart, it does not mean I cannot be there for you. Just tell me and I will come all the way just for you

4. The top secret to lifelong friendship is to just talking to each other, but understanding the other person and knowing how to handle them. Thanks for understanding me.

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5. As I look back, the many years we have been together, I realize you have been a true friend. You are the only person who knows me better and whom I have shared my inner secrets and you have always kept them to yourself. Thank you for being such a good friend.

6. It’s not an achievement to make many friends in life, but an achievement to have that one true friend.

7. Since childhood we have accomplished a lot together. You have been an amazing friend. Looking forward to sharing more life moments with you!

8. Walking with a friend when faced with challenges in life is better than walking alone.

9. Thank you for knowing what I want hear most, you are a wonderful friend

10. As much as we have grown, over the years I feel like I am still very close to you as we used to be.

11. If you open my heart, you are going to see yourself. True friends are hard to find, I kept you safe in my heart.

12. A True friend is someone who accepts you the way you are, they understand your past, accepts your present and believes in your future. Thank you for being that friend.

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13. It’s so surprising that you can be silly with a friend than anyone else in the world. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

14. Thank you for listening to my stories over and over again, though I know they are boring

15. Thank you for always treasuring our friendship. You are one in a million

16. Your friendship is a special gift to my heart. I very happy to have found you as a friend.

17. There is nothing that can replace our friendship. I’d rather lose everything than to lose you.

18. The greatest gift I have ever received in life is the friendship we share. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

19. Friendship is like a quiet, strong promise. No matter what happens you are my friend

Friendship Messages for Her

1. From the moment we met, I knew our friendship was going to last. I am glad I was right.

2. You are very unique; you have made me see the world in a different way. I am happy to have a good friend like you.

3. Life is not all about the quantity of friends you have, but it is the quality of the friends you have.

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4. You are an amazing friend, hope everyone could have you as a friend and the world would be totally different

5. No one understands me like you, you are just amazing.

6. I am happy that our friendship is not dependent on mood swings. You are a wonderful friend

7. I highly appreciate our friendship. There is nothing more I could ever want. You have proved to be a good friend.

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