Good Night SMS

Good Night SMS | Romantic Good Night SMS

Looking for good night SMS to send to your love? Goodnight SMS are very important in a relationship; they will not only help in your lover sleep well, think about you during the night but also think about you first thing in the morning.

Find some good night SMS you can use to express your love.

Good Night SMS – Romantic Good Night SMS

1. A kiss to my love, I will be by your side soon, Good Night.

2. Good night my love. May your dreams be as sweet as the tales by moonlight and May the stars guide and keep you warm through the night.

Good Night My Love

3. I have been thinking about you so much, you are the person that I care for most. Just wanted to wish you …Good Night

4. In this lovely night, may the shinning moon protect you through the night, may the
wind to blow away your stress and the twinkle stars hold your hand and guide you the way. Good Night!

5. If you feel lost, bored or missing someone, you know what you are suffering from, my love for you. Good Night!

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6. You are the reason why i tend to hold my pillow so tight. You are the reason of my sleepless nights. And I cannot sleep without saying Good Night!

7. You look tired to night; May your eye lashes hug each other as you fall into the land of dreams. Sweet Journey! Good Night my Love!

8. Let the most beautiful dream come your way tonight, may you feel relaxed than ever… Good Night!

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9. Saying Good night is not a custom; it’s a way of saying, I remember you in my last minute of the day… Good Night.

10. Here I am, close to you tonight, don’t be afraid… I am just covering you with a blanket of love, Good Night. I Love you.

11. Life is amazing, when you are mine, I will always treasure you. You are close to my heart each passing second. Good Night!

12.  It is a memory that unites dream and reality. Dreams touch our hearts and soul, Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight… Good Night

13. Here another day comes to an end; it is nice to have a friend like you. Thank you for being that friend. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

14. Before I close my eyes for a night long sleep, I count my blessings instead of problems, you are a blessing to me. Good Night!

15. Bed-time brings sweet dreams, may your dreams be as sweet as our love. I love you. Good night.

Good Night Wishes

Find Good Night Wishes below

1. I go to sleep, thank God for having you in my life. I love you so much. Good night my love,

2. Darling, I can’t wait for the morning to meet you, may you have sweet dreams. Good night!

3. I send you a lullaby song to soothe you into sleep. Good night.

4. Sending you tender kisses to keep you warm throughout the night. Good night my dear. I love you.

5. As the world comes to a standstill and everything goes silent. I wish you a good night sleep. Good night

Good Night SMS for Love

1. You are the only person that I want forever. I can’t let this night pass without wishing you a beautiful night. Sweet Dreams my love.

2. The only thing in this world worth living for is you. You are the treasure of my heart. Good Night love!

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3. You are so precious, worth dying for; I would die for you my love. Sweet dreams honey.

4. The way my finger fits into yours shows how a perfect match we are meant to be. I wish you a romantic night dream my love. Sweet Dreams.

5. My love for you is rooted deep in my heart and soul. Nothing can shake my love for you. Good night my love.

6. I love coming home after a tiresome day, because in your arms I find comfort. Good night my love!

Good Night SMS for Lover – Goodnight SMS

1. I have given you a special place in my heart, you are one of a kind, so loving and caring. Good night and sweet dreams.

2. How I wish you could be with me tonight, to take my worries away. I love you so much. Good night my angel.

3. Good Night to the queen of my heart, may you enjoy the Sweet Dreams of the night.

4. This is the best time to think of the sweet memories we have shared. Wishing you a lovely night

5. My wish is to wake up next to you every day, to hear your beautiful voice and admire your beauty. Sweet dreams sweetheart!

6. The feelings I have for you are pure, I have never had these feelings of love. I promise to be yours forever. Wish you a sweet night dream. Good Night.

7. In life, we only enjoy one day at a time, and I cannot let this day pass without letting you know – I am thinking of you. Good night my love.

8. Every day I pray for my dreams to come true, to wake up next to every morning, Till then Good night love.

Good Night SMS Love: Love Good Night SMS

1. Sweetheart, I want to spend my last breath telling you how much I love you. Good night and Sweet Dreams

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2. I am here thinking how life would be with you, so sweet, full of great memories. Have sweet dreams darling

3. Dream is a magical fantasy that unites reality. Wish you the sweetest dream my love. Good Night

4. When I look outside, in the darkness I can see the bright moon, I wish you were here with me, to cuddle all night as we enjoy the sweet night. Good night my love.

5. Darling, I cannot think of anything apart from you. I wish you were right here with me tonight. Sweet Dream my dear.

6. Sweetheart, I am on my way, meet me in my dreams. Good night my love.

7. When I think of you, I miss you more, I you to be mine forever. Good Night love.

8. I know you have had a tiresome day, but I want to send you into the world of dreams with love. Good Night!

9. Honey, I can’t wait to be in your arms again, sweet dreams my love.

10. I can’t believe I am missing you this much; I want to fly to where you are right now. Wish you a lovely night. Good night.

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