Goodbye Messages for Friends

Goodbye Messages for Friends: Times for separation don’t come easy, more so if a loved one is going away for long or to a far place. Finding the right word to say goodbye to your friend, workmate or family has been made easy since we have come up with the best goodbye messages and quotes for a friend.

A simple goodbye message can help you and your friend transition well from the separation.

Goodbye Messages for Friends

Your friendship with me has been tremendously great and nothing can ever take away what we have shared. Wish you good health and a more prosperous life in your new location. Goodbye

It is challenging for me to say goodbye to you. However, I know it is necessary for you to travel and I have no option but to accept it. Until we meet again my support and love are with you.

It is not every day that we have difficulty saying goodbye, but saying the same to my favorite friend is quite hard. I have to say I will really miss you once you have gone but I know we will meet again. Goodbye, my friend.

It is often said out of sight out of mind, but for me, I will forever cherish the moments we shared. I will say goodbye today but I will soon sacrifice to come and see you. Love you my friend and goodbye.

Today marks a new beginning for our friendship, a time to say goodbye for the first time. Good friends never fear separation because they know soon they will meet again. Looking forward to seeing you again.

The memory of you sits deep inside my heart. I may be going away for some time but I will have some comfort knowing you are okay. See you soon.

I will not say goodbye because I know some new place for you will soon turn into a new adventure for us. Cheers to new adventures and opportunities.

I will always love you. No distance is too big for us to meet again. I will put the effort to visit. Safe travel and goodbye.

Goodbye my friend, stay safe and don’t forget to keep in touch.

Goodbye Messages for Friends

I will not say goodbye cause when I say so I will feel like you are going away forever. As you go to your new home I wish you all the best.

The hope of meeting again has made me easily say goodbye to you. Take care and I know someday we will meet again. As you leave there are many things I want to say, but the only words I can manage to say are “may this goodbye hug be a sign that life will give you a chance to meet again.”

I purpose in my heart that nothing will tear our friendship. I will always reach out to you because you are more than family.

It’s hard seeing you leave. I will often pass by this house and vividly see like you are still part of it.  Please don’t forget to keep in touch.

You have been a blessing in my life and it hurts to see you go. I will have to let you go since I know you will be a blessing to another family out there. Always welcomed again, goodbye

Having you around was enjoyable. You have a magical spirit that embraces everyone. You may be going far but I believe our journey together has not ended. Goodbye for now

The warmth of our friendship has been such a blessing in my life. The countless times you have supported me in ways I can never explain. It’s painful seeing relocate but I know with God on your side you will okay. Love you and goodbye.

May you find happiness wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to fly high no matter the distance. Bye

Since you told me you are going away my heart has been looking for ways to live without your smile. During this time, I have realized that if love runs deep then no distance can keep you away. You will always be with me.

To me, you are more than a friend. Our souls are uniquely connected and I will feel your absence. Missing you will be my new hobby.

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Goodbye Quotes for Friends

A goodbye today doesn’t mean our friendship has ended, it’s only the beginning of another way for us to connect.

A goodbye will not create a valley for us, it will only create a bridge for us to walk through every time we need to see each other.

Although you travel for long, true friendship doesn’t count miles. When the right time comes I will cover the miles to just see you.

For friends’ goodbye is a means of saying; we will momentarily be away from each other but will visit soon.

Each time we are brave to say goodbye, life opens another door for us.

Goodbyes create fond memories. Don’t let the loneliness overtake the memories of a time cherished together.

For Abraham to be blessed he had to leave his home, change is like rest, so don’t forget you have a chance to become great in your destination. Goodbye, my friend.

The sadness of saying goodbye will soon be overtaken by the happiness of seeing each other again.

Goodbye, don’t last forever for true friends.

Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Our reason for meeting again will come soon.

For anyone who loves with their full heart the sadness of leaving creates room for more love.

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Farewell Message to a Friend

You have always been the best thing that ever happened in my life and you will forever be. Farewell my friend.

It is not easy for me to say goodbye, but I know will always be in touch. Farewell, dear friend!

How I wish this day would not come, but life must continue. Goodbye to you my friend!

It is hard to accept that I am leaving, I will greatly miss you. Goodbye, friend!

You have always made my moments happy. I will always remember you for the best things in life. Goodbye, my best friend.

You and I will never say goodbye, no matter the distance our friendship will forever grow and be strong.


Goodbye messages are inevitable, nothing is certain in life, often change comes and we find ourselves saying goodbyes. If you have a friend who is going away or you are soon leaving your loved ones it may prove more difficult than expected. Don’t be afraid to express how the separation makes you feel. Wrote goodbye messages to your friends and loved ones. The above messages have combined creativity with reality so as to help you send the best goodbye message.

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