Happy 1st Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes: A baby brings lots of joy to a family and many people tend to remember his/her first birthday. The family celebrates the milestone of seeing the baby reach one year. Although the baby may not remember much you can still send happy 1st birthday wishes to the baby. The parents will appreciate your good gesture and later in their life, they may look at the card or gift you send them and feel appreciated.

If you are planning to attend a first birthday party for your niece, nephew, cousin, or a friend’s child you could send them one of the following happy 1st birthday wishes.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

Happy 1st birthday to you, baby; you came into our world and gave us joy. We cherish every moment.

For the past year, you have been with us we have smiled more and loved more. Happy 1st birthday angel.

Since you came into our life we have had sweet memories from the first day. It’s happy to see you reach one year, happy 1st birthday.

Although you made some of our nights to be sleepless, we have never missed the chance to make you happy and comfortable. Happy 1st birthday.

Happy First Birthday

Happy 1st birthday baby, you have taught us what it means to be parents, we love you very much and pray for you to grow to become a good boy.

It’s the good things in life that make us happy, the pictures that we take today will show you one day how much we love you. Happy first birthday to you.

Today it’s exactly 366 days since you came into our life. You have been like a precious gem. Love you and Happy 1st birthday to you.

Happy 1st birthday to you, today we are delighted to see how you have grown to become to be a charming baby.

When you smile your two teeth look adorable, as you turn one year we look forward to seeing you take your first step, say your first word and in every milestone, you have in your life we will be there to support you, Happy 1st birthday.

The past 12 months have been awesome having you. Happy 1 year birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to my daughter! I love you so much.

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1st Birthday Card Messages

Happy 1st birthday from mum and dad! You have made our love for each other grow stronger, Our nights are now longer, Our days shorter, Our house is now smaller and our hearts stronger. Love you.

Happy first birthday! Even at a young age, It is clear your future will be great. We look forward to supporting your future dreams.

We are humbled by you, my love. You have taught us things we did not know and every day we are open to learning more. With you, in our lives, the journey of learning will never end. Happy 1st birthday to you.

Happy first birthday to you! You have a special way of melting our hearts. So special you are, and we have no option but to have happiness in our lives.

God gave us a gift of a beautiful baby girl, she smiles even when sleeping. She cries and we are left wondering what to do, Yet we love every experience. Happy 1st birthday to you baby girl.

Your hands are so tender. The look in your eyes is so innocent, the smile you give is so cute, and the joy I have seen you grow is so great, I know you make me happy, now and forever. Happy 1st birthday to you.

A baby boy came into my life. The only perfect thing to ever come from me. Since the first day, I saw you, my life has totally changed. I now choose to be a better person for you. Happy birthday to you baby.

Happy 1st birthday to you my angel. The only person whom I look into their eyes and see true love, with no strings attached. I celebrate you, my child.

You are a star in my life, a rainbow after a rainy period, and I love you. Deep down in my heart wish you a happy first birthday.

364 days ago you were too little. Like a diamond that is too precious, I didn’t know how to handle you, But today you have become a strong baby, One whom I hold in my arms and we dance to the best tunes. Happy first birthday to you.

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1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

One year after you came to us, we have come to love you greatly. You are our prince and may you live to blow more than 1001 candles. Happy 1st birthday.

Happy 1st birthday, right now it’s the smallest person in our house, who makes us happy. You are such a lovely boy.

You are the best thing that ever happened, I know you are so young to understand this but as we celebrate your 1st birthday I am glad to be your mum.

Happy 1st birthday little baby!, for the last year, when the pressure of this world took away my joy I looked at the sparkles in your eyes and I got hope again.

It’s not the blue things around you that make you a boy, but the strength you have inside. I can see you will become a great man. Happy 1st birthday.

Happy birthday to you my boy, my prayer for you is that you may grow to become not only a handsome and wise man but also a God-fearing person.

In the past 12 months, we could only count your age in terms of months, today we can add the term year. Am thankful to God for your first birthday.

Your smile is just contagious. You bring happiness into our everyday life. Happy 1st birthday boy!

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1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

For the past year, your warm smile is simply the greatest thing any person can wish to look at. A simple smile from you can turn a bad day into a joyous day. Happy birthday to you.

Happy first birthday my angel, may you grow up to become a daddy’s and mum’s precious girl. God bless you.

Happy 1st birthday wishes

You are such a magnificent cute princess that brings joy to mum and dad. Right now your parents are so happy to see you reach one year. We celebrate because of you, happy first birthday.

You are such a beautiful baby girl that everyone is happy to see and hold in their arms. Happy 1st birthday baby girl!

You turning one year brings joy to my heart. I wish you a life full of joy. Happy birthday baby girl.

I have never come across a beautiful one-year-old baby girl like you. I wish you a happy 1st birthday!

May the happiness that I have today because of you follow you your entire life! Happy first birthday baby girl!

Your charming smile is contagious and everyone would love to see it. May God bless you little baby and I wish you a happy birthday!

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First Birthday Messages

Without you in my life, my world would be boring, with no one to make me smile, or one to create a mess in my house. As you turn one year I look forward to happier moments ahead.

Happy first birthday to you, I look at you and I see that you are the perfect gift in my life. One given by God to just remind me that even when I feel low, my life counts to someone else. Love you.

Even though you are yet to learn how to speak, as you turn one year today you have already spoken a thousand words in my heart. It takes a simple look at you and my heart feels at ease. Happy first birthday to you.

I gave birth to you and you gave me a better reason to live. Happy first birthday to you.

Even though you are too young to know this, today I give you a birthday card, not just to give you a present but to express my presence in your life. Happy first birthday to you.

1st Birthday Wishes for Son

Son, as you turn a year older, May our Almighty God bless you and give you good health. Happy first birthday my little prince!

Happy one-year birthday to our son! The one year that you have been with us has been one of the best years of our life. You are dearly loved.

My son, it is awesome to see you grow with each passing day, and now you have turned one year. Happy First Birthday son!

It feels like yesterday when I held you in my arms, you were so little, and now you are already turning a year. Happy First Birthday, son!

To our little son, today is a special day in your life, the day that you were born. We have organized a party for you. Have fun and happy first birthday son!

1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Your sweet smile is simply the best thing ever that one would want to look at all day. Happy 1st birthday princess!

Happy 1st birthday to my daughter! You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Happy birthday to my firstborn daughter, I love you so much.

A look into you is enough to remove all the stress of the day. Happy 1st birthday to my daughter!

We are the luckiest parents to have you as our daughter. Happy first birthday my little angel!

You are indeed a special daughter to us. You have filled our hearts with happiness and we love you so much. Happy 1st birthday to my daughter!

Happy First Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to the baby’s first birthday!

Sending the best 1st birthday wishes for princess which are full of good health and blessings. I love you.

After a long tiresome working day, the only thing I want is to hold you in my arms. Happy first birthday princess!

We can all see the happiness that you have brought to your parents. You are the best gift ever. Happy 1st birthday!

You are such a nice little princess and your parents are so happy to have you. Congratulations on your 1st birthday!

Happy first birthday princess, God bless you!

You are such a special kid to me. Happy 1st birthday grandson!

Happy birthday to my first-born grandson! I wish you a day full of laughter and happiness. Enjoy the day.

1st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy first birthday girl! Grow up quickly, there is more to celebrate in life.

Happy First Birthday to the cutest cousin! May you grow cuter with each passing day!

This has been an awesome year, all because of you cousin. Happy 1st birthday, cousin!

Happy 1st birthday to my little cousin! Your take over our hearts has finally reached a full year. I wish you a wonderful day!

Dear cousin, I wish you a life that is full of love, good health, and happiness. Happy first birthday cousin!

I can already see you becoming a great person in life. I wish you the best in life. Happy 1st birthday, cousin!

1st Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy birthday, 1st birthday niece! I want you to know you are dearly loved.

It is just the other day that you were born and now you are turning 1 year. Happy 1st birthday to my niece from aunt!

I still can’t believe how time flies, it’s like you were born yesterday and now you are turning 1 year. Happy first birthday to my niece!

You are already a star among your age mates. I know you will be a great person in life. Happy first birthday to my niece!

You are a perfect reminder of how beautiful life is. Thank you for filling this home with love and happiness. Happy One Year Birthday Niece!

1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy birthday little one! I wish you a life full of good health, happiness, and love.

You are a strong baby, very healthy, and destined for greater things in life. Happy first birthday, nephew!

I am pretty sure you are going to grow up to become a very successful businessperson in life. Happy 1st birthday, nephew!

You are the most charming, talented, and gifted nephew. Happy 1st birthday to the best nephew in the world!

There is no other day like today, this is the most special and awesome day ever. Happy first birthday to the best nephew!

First Birthday Quotes

You are one of a kind baby. Happy first birthday!

Twinkle little star, it feels awesome being one year. Happy 1st birthday!

Don’t Worry! It’s Your First Birthday. You are going to have many more. Happy First Birthday!

A lovely day for a special child in our life! Happy 1st birthday!

How do you wish a little baby happy birthday?

Tell the baby how she is a blessing to the mother and you. Then wish the baby the best in life. Be positive in everything you say about the baby. Example: You are a blessing to your mother and me. I wish you the best in life. May you grow to be the most successful person in the world.

How do you wish a baby’s first birthday?

You are a blessing to everyone around you. I wish you the best on your 1st birthday. May the joy that is in the air right now be with you whenever you go for the rest of your life, Happy Birthday!

What do you write in a 1st birthday card?

Your parents are blessed to have you as their baby! May you enjoy this special day in your life! Wishing you the best birthday of your life. Happy 1st birthday!


Sending the first happy birthday wish to a child may often be overlooked due to their age. But you may never know, the simple message or card you send could later have an impact on that child’s life. Kind words go a long way and they can build a personal life. As you attend that first birthday party for your child, your relative child or friend’s child does not hold back the good word about them. Hope the above 1st birthday wishes will help you construct the best sentences to pass your message

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