Happy Birthday Prayer for a Friend

Looking for a Happy Birthday Prayer for a Friend or Happy Birthday blessing prayer for a friend? It’s time to celebrate your friend’s special day with this happy birthday wishes SMS.

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Happy Birthday Prayer for a Friend

1. Happy Birthday my friend, I pray that you may be blessed with many more years so that we can always celebrate together. Be blessed

2. May all your dreams come true as you start a new year this coming year. Happy birthday, friend.

3. I pray for your heart to be filled with happiness always. May your aspirations become a reality, Happy birthday.

4. Happy birthday friend! May you feel His presence always in your life.

5. God has great things ahead planned for you. As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that he reveals them to you one by one. Happy birthday, friend!

Happy Birthday Prayer for a Friend

1. You have come a long way, my friend. The beginning is not always the end. Things are getting better and better each year. I pray that your days may continue to be the best. Happy birthday my friend.

2. Thank you for always making my day. My prayer for you is to have an awesome day. Happy birthday, friend.

3. You have been a blessing to my life; you are the kind of friend who goes the extra mile. I pray for God to give you more happy days. Happy birthday, friend.

4. My prayer on your special day is for your life to be filled with joy and happiness. Happy birthday pal

5. Happy birthday to someone who greatly inspires me, may God give you the strength to continue inspiring others.

Happy Birthday Blessing Prayer for a Friend

1. Just thinking about you on your special day, the best moments we have shared as friends. You are special in my life in many ways. I pray for blessings to come your way as you celebrate your birthday.

2. Every day is an amazing day to celebrate God’s blessings. May he continue to bless you abundantly! Happy Birthday.

3. May you have a great birthday and may God’s blessing blessings always fill your life.

4. On your special day, my prayer for you is to reach your goal in life. May you have a beautiful birthday!

5. My prayer for you is to be filled with love and happiness, May His love continue to shower upon you. Happy birthday!

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