Happy Sunday Quotes & Messages

Happy Sunday Quotes & Messages: Sending happy Sunday quotes to your loved ones can add more happiness to their day. After a busy week comes a relaxing Sunday, where many people take time to refresh themselves so as to have the energy to start a new week.

People spend their time differently on this day, but a good number attend a church service where they get time to spend with their creator. Regardless of how one spends their time, a happy Sunday message will always come handy in making one happy, so when you can you could send one of these quotes to your loved ones.

Happy Sunday Morning Quotes

Happy Sunday to you, may the Lord fill your heart with a song, one that will make your heart be at peace and joyful. Amen

Happy Sunday morning! It a wonderful day, so let not negative feelings take the better part of the day to surround yourself with optimistic people, who’ll give you cheerful emotions.

Good morning to you, be blessed and may good things happen to you, wish you a wonderful unforgettable Sunday

Blessed Sunday to you, spread the happiness to those whom you come across.

Don’t worry be happy, it is a Sunday morning, may the Lord bless you abundantly in your today’s endeavors

Rise up my dear, it is another Sunday when we are to relax and have fun, wish you a superb day.

Happy Sunday Quotes

Not always do we have a wonderful day to leave our daily tussle and gather in the Lord’s house, this Sunday as you remember our God, may heaven’s blessing shine over you.

Happy Sunday to you, take time to rest on this day, take time and smile, and lastly take time to bless someone, it is only godly to do so.

Delight in this Sunday! Have trust in your heart and bravery to accomplish all your dreams. Amen

Happy Sunday to you, Let God shower you with happiness, contentment, grace, and peace not only on this blessed day but on every day of your life.

Blessed day to you dare to believe, think the unthinkable, and dream of the possibilities. May God give you the wishes of your heart, Amen

Joyful Sunday to you! If you are glad today, share this happiness with others, if you are unhappy, tell the Lord to give strength and joy unspeakable, say a prayer to Him, He is always in your heart.

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Happy Sunday Messages

Have a successful Sunday! Take time to devote your time to your family and friends.

This is the day to be glad, you can dance again to the fine tunes that life has to offer, being alive is an opportunity to give thanks to God

As you relax this Sunday take time and search your soul, let go of anything or feelings that pull you down.

Find peaceful time on this day, Sunday is a brilliant day to start living your life to the fullest. Let your day be fulfilling

Let peace reign in your life, Let this Sunday be a colorful one.

From highest of height, let the light of the Lord shine upon you, happy Sunday to you

Happy Sunday Quotes for Her

Sending you sincere wishes this lovely Sunday morning. My heart is filled with love for you. Cheers my love and happy Sunday

Good morning to you, you know it is a happy Sunday and I look forward to spending time with you today at the park

A lovely Sunday like this I wish you were here with me. As the sunshine through my bedroom window, I would have the opportunity to look into your eyes. Enjoy your Sunday and a blissful week ahead.

Love is the greatest gift to mankind. I am grateful for loving me. This Sunday I take the opportunity to let you know I cherish every moment we have shared. Be happy and take care, my love.

Sundays are the best day for me and today the day is as beautiful as you. Cannot help it but wish you a wonderful day.

Happy Sunday! Let your faith in God grow this day, take time, and remember what He has done for you.

Have an excellent day my queen, you make my life wonderful. May good and beautiful things come your way this Sunday, you deserve the best for the generous and good heart you have.

Happy Sunday to the most amazing girl in the whole world. As the Lord blesses his children this day may He remember you

Happy sunday to you, may your day be filled with peace and happiness.

It’s a new Sunday, chose to look forward to a day full of blessings and good prospects.

Hi, my lovely queen, it gives me joy to let you know you’re in my thoughts this Sunday morning and every time

As I remember the Lords doing this Sunday morning, I want you to know am counting as my blessing number one. If I was given another chance to choose another girl, I would definitely run to you.

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Nothing can be compared to the way I feel about you. You fulfill my wishes in the best way you and I appreciate that. May this Sunday bring us more fulfillment in our relationship

Happy Sunday Quotes for Him

Good morning sweetheart, May God protect as you work hard to ensure we have food on the table, a Sunday like this I would prefer you to be with us as we go to church. But all the same, enjoy your Sunday and be blessed.

Happy Sunday to you, good and responsible men are not easy to find, that is why I choose to thank you for being the A-plus man in my life.

Happy Sunday to you my dear, a simple prayer I make for you, that the Lord may increase your territories, bless you abundantly to be the man he intended you to be.

Good morning sweetheart, your love takes the best part in my heart, in my head I carry the good memory we share, I love you so much, happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Quotes for Mum

I recall the Sunday morning when growing up. You taught me that Sunday is a day to set all aside and rest. Give an offering of praise to God. Your teachings are always with me and love you, mom, for being a good teacher.

Happy Sunday to you mummy, every Sunday spend with you was really special, having you around meant that I could enjoy the care and love you always gave. I appreciate all you gave us. God bless you

Happy Sunday! My prayer for you today is that God to give more days so that you can His blessings upon me. Amen

Growing up I never saw the virtue you were trying to teach me- respect and discipline. Today as a grown woman I see how your instructions shaped me to be a better person. Love you so much and may God bless you greatly this Sunday and many more days to come. Amen

Happy Sunday to the best Mum in the whole world, God bless you.

Good morning mummy, your sacrificial love gave the best; you gave the best even when it meant making the hard sacrifices. I love you and my support is always with you.

Cheers to you mum, it a wonderful Sunday that I didn’t want it t pass without telling you how much you mean to me. The world is a better place because you always become the anchor when I am troubled. Be blessed

Happy Sunday Quotes for Dad

Dad, you are the best father in the world, when growing up you were the anchor that everyone looked up. Nothing has changed even today, you have given us the proper channel to follow in life. Happy Sunday to you

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This Sunday morning, I woke up thinking about the love you have given us over the years. You’re a brilliant father and no action can ever show you how much I appreciate you. Good day

As a father you have a good role model, showing us the best virtue to have in life, let us know that hard work always pays and modeling the character that every society can accept. My prayer for you this Sunday is that God will bless you abundantly.

Happy Sunday to you dad, may the Lord add you more days on this world to be the man who follows after His heart.

Good Morning Sunday Messages

Good morning! What a beautiful day, I want you to know that I deeply love you with my all and I hope you have the best of Sunday.

I wish you a beautiful and unforgettable Sunday that will leave you with memorable memories for eternity. Happy Sunday!

What a beautiful sunny day, I wish you nothing less but the best on this Sunday. Good Morning!

Good Morning, May all your prayers be answered this wonderful Sunday. Have a happy Sunday!

Good morning!  Enjoy every second of the day as tomorrow will be on a hectic day. I wish you a happy Sunday.

Good morning Sunday! Don’t forget to take every little opportunity that comes your way this Sunday. I wish you a happy Sunday!

This is the day to relax and recover all the lost energy. Don’t rush as you will be indoors throughout the day. Good morning Sunday!

Good morning! Here is wishing you a beautiful Sunday morning. May God hear all your prayers and answer you accordingly. Have a lovely day!

Good morning! I see doors opening, opportunities coming your way and miracles happening in your life. Have a happy Sunday!

Good Morning! May your life journey be smooth and lead you to greatness. I wish you a lovely Sunday.

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