Heartfelt Quotes for Her

Heartfelt Quotes for Her

Love is in the air and need some Heartfelt Quotes for Her. Find some Heartfelt love quotes for her below

Heartfelt Quotes for Her

1. When I first met you and you gave me the key to your heart. I found happiness.

2. Your love is a treasure to my heart, I will always safeguard it. I love you.

3. When I saw you, I saw you were perfect and loved you. When I realize you were not perfect I loved you more.

4. Being by my side is all I want; my heart is yearning for your love. I miss you so much

5. My nights are beautiful because they are spent wrapped in your loving arms. Love you.

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Heartfelt love quotes for her

1. My heart beats faster when I see you; you are the source of energy in my life. I love you.

2. Darling, you are the perfect fit for me. My heart yearns for your love and I love you so much.

3. Sweetheart, may your dreams come true, may they be filled with love and happiness.

4. I look forward to an amazing future with you. You hold the key to my heart and I love you so much.

5. My heart belongs to you. I will forever love you

Heartfelt text messages for her

1. There are many forms of love, but the once that lasts is the one that comes once in a life time and I found it in you.

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2. You cannot see what is in the heart but you can only feel it

3. You are my dream come true, I thought I was dreaming but it’s a reality. I love you.

4. You are my true love; I will always treasure you and be there for you.

5. Darling, I truly value what we share. Our love is pure and true. I love you.

Heartfelt Message for Her

1. I would rather spend my evenings with you at home than away without you.

2. Thoughts of your loves makes all my nights satisfying with full of dreams

3. I take a step at a time each day knowing I will eventually reach my destination, your heart.

4. A heart without love is empty. I am full of your love.

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5. You are my heartbeat. You are my cherished treasure. I love you.

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