Hold My Hands

Life has its ups and downs
Hold my hands
Let’s walk together
Hold my hands my love

Walking alone
The journey can be long
Lonely and boring
Together we can make it

When there is darkness
We hold each other
Until we see the light
Hold my hand and everything will be fine

Don’t fight the love inside
Follow what the heart says
Let’s hold each other hands
Our love will grow day by day

I am tired of being lonely
My dear, Hold my hands
Don’t let it go
Let me be your sunshine
The one who makes your world meaningful

Let nothing come between us
Hold my hands tight
You are the love of my life
The one in my dreams
I love you my sweetheart

I Will Hold On To You Poem

My love
Many people will not understand
How I feel for you
I will hold on to you

I want to be in your arms
Hold me tight
Never let me leave
I will hold on to you tight

You are the one I trust
I give you my heart
Please never break it
You are the one I love

I need you tonight
Hold me tight
Let me feel your warmth
I will hold on to you

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