How to Make Her Want You | How to Make A Girl Chase You

How to Make Her Want You: When you meet a girl you really like, it is good to know how to make girl chase you back.  Making her want you is not difficult as long as you have the right attitude and approach.

Generally, you have to understand the various guidelines and tips that will attract and enable her to want you. The approach you will use will depend if you want a long-term relationship or just a casual thing to last for a moment.

For all the guys who want something that is long-term, we have written some tips on how to make her want you more.

How to Make A Girl Want You – How to Make A Girl Chase You

1. Show Her How You Feel

Share your feeling with her; be genuine even if she does not feel the same for you. In several cases, studies have indicated that girls are more attracted to guys who are willing to express their feeling than those who don’t.

Unless you take the initiative to show her how you feel she may never know. At first, she may not feel you back, but give it a chance and you can create an environment where her love can grow. Don’t pressure her into doing anything she does not like and with time she will want you back.

If you show her how you feel but she does not seem to be interested even after doing the best you can just move on and look for another girl

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2. Be romantic

Nothing is more appealing and attractive to a girl than a romantic guy. This means that you can be able to show her in the simplest ways that you are a gentleman who is romantic. Are you wondering how to be romantic? If yes, just know that girls appreciate the simplest thing like pulling for her a chair, opening the door, calling her to just wish her a good day, or simply giving her a gift or flower when she least expects you to do it.

Training yourself to be a gentleman from the beginning would be a good thing. This will ensure that even when you get the girl of your dream it won’t be difficult to do the simple thing that she will obviously appreciate and make her want you more.

3. Go to the gym

Another thing that will make her want you is how you look. To be frank many girls are turned off by a guy with a potbelly. A young guy who appears to be physically unfit is a big no for most girls. Learn to hit the gym. First, it will be of benefit to you in regard to health matters. Secondly, it will be an advantage in helping you win her over. Guys just know that your dream of getting that gorgeous girl could come closer by just going to the gym. Having a lean and strong body will definitely add you marks.

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4. Mind your looks and smell

Imagine this scenario: a well-built man with nice cologne and another who seems reckless and shaggy approaching a girl. The truth is that between these two guys the one who will make a good first impression is the one who appears to be well-groomed.

You do not necessarily have to wear that designer cologne or suit, but generally, body grooming is very important. You do not want to give her your first kiss and your breath is all messed up. Make sure you take some time to dress nicely, have a shower, and generally put energy into your appearance.

Once in a while, it is also good to have the trendy look and surprise her by putting on those trendy jeans or t-shirts. In simple words just make her notice you by stepping up from the ordinary.

5. Be confident

Self-confidence enables you to stand your ground and not be intimidated by every person who gets into your path. Your character will come out clearly as one who can be able to protect her in time of need.

Generally, another thing to note is that if you want to achieve anything in your life you have to know your worth. Still don’t confuse confidence with arrogance, the difference between the two is that an arrogant person will tend to bruise other people’s character and emotions, but a confident person will build other people even if they differ.

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6. Build trust

The major difficulty with guys who are trying to win a girl is that they aren’t dependable. For instance, they show up for a date late or simply cancel it a few hours before the time. Guys, it is good to know that once you invite her for a date her mind immediately starts making plans of what to wear, what makeup to put on, what shoes to wear, and many more. So when you cancel the date a few hours before you meet it be a major letdown.

Be a man who keeps his word; if you promise her anything make sure you accomplish it.

7. Give her space

Getting her to want you more does not mean you are around her all the time. Give each other space so as to avoid getting or becoming so familiar with each other. Giving her space does not mean you do not love her. It simply means you love her to let her be her.  In such a case she will definitely miss you and look forward to being with you.

Understanding her personality is also important because each person is different.  If she is the outgoing type, you can often be with her most of the time. On the other hand, if she is an introvert, then you have to learn when to give her space.

8. Be her friend

Another interesting way to make her want you more than anything is by becoming her friend. Be the person she can easily confide in. Friendship is built over time and it cannot be faked.

If she is your friend she will love you more and she will find peace in the fact that you are just there for her.

General FAQ

How do I make her interested in me?

If you want her to be interested in you, be confident, be Trustworthy, flirt with her, give her space, be her comfort, be realistic, let her know about your intentions, make her laugh, communicate with her more often and tell her how you feel.

How do you make every girl want you?

Be approachable, be confident with yourself, be yourself, learn to have a nice conversation, support her ideas, be fun to be around, give her compliment from time to time, be a good listener, make time for her, call her, and let her know how unique she is.

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