How to Make Your Girl Happy This Valentine

Are you wondering how to make your girl happy this valentine? Well wonder no more Valentine is supposed to a time when you take time and appreciate you girl in another level. There are different ways that you normally show your love to her on a daily basis so ensure this valentine you give her what she will not obviously expect.

How to Make Your Girl Happy This Valentine

  1. Buy or bake her cake.

If you love cooking then baking your girl a cake can be a good idea that will live in her heart especially if she loves cakes of which most girls love. On the other hand if you cannot bake then buying her a well baked cake will okay.

  1. Sing for her song.

Is there a certain song that your girl likes? Try learning the song and sing it to her on valentine day. This will not only make her excited but both of you will enjoy it.

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  1. Write a poem about her

You don’t have to be a linguistic expert to write your girl a poem. Just use simple English to express something good about her; it could be her beauty, her nature or anything you like about her.

  1. Cook for her the meal she likes.
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Making your girlfriend happy this valentine could be as simple as making her the meal she likes. You could invite her for dinner or deliver it to her house.

  1. Go out for picnic.

A picnic on a valentine day can be a great idea. Choosing the picnic site will depend on what your girl likes. It could be on the beach, in the country side or in a garden.

  1. Make for her a card

Buying for her a card is good, but making for her a card with your own original idea can even be better. Use the material available to you.

  1. Make a simple video of the moments you have shared

Today technology has made things simpler, this means that you can make a simple video of the moments you have previously shared together and send it to her with a gift or with any other thing mention in this article.

  1. Play the game you love
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Playing a game you both love can make your girl happy this valentine. It can be an indoor or outdoor game. To make it more interesting has a simple gift for the person winning the game.

  1. Massage

To make valentine a cool and relaxing day you give her a body massage or you can hire a a professional body masseuse to give both of you a body massage.

  1. Go for hike

Hiking can be a good way to bond this valentine. All you will need are good bikes and right attire to go for the hike.

  1. Go for a movie

This valentine you could go for a movie. To make it more lively you can go to a different town that you have never or rarely visit.

  1. Have a painting of her

You could hire services of a painter and have both of be painted. If it is not possible you could send her picture earlier enough to a painter and then send her the painting on valentine day.

  1. Do for her the odd jobs she dislike
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If you have a hectic day you can still make your girl happy this valentine. Simply you could help her with the house chore she dislikes. You could clean the dishes, clean her room.

  1. Try out a thrilling event

You could take her to bungee jumping or any other sporting activity that will make you happy.

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