I Am Not There Poem & Quotes

I Am Not There Poem & Quotes: There are times when you want someone so badly but you cannot find them. There are also days when someone wants you in their life but you are not there. When they had the chance they were never there for you.

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I Am Not There Quotes

Do not look for me in your dreams for I am not there.

When I needed you most, you were never there for me. Do not look for me for I am not there.

All my life I have wanted someone like you, but you threw the opportunity out of the window. Do not come looking for my heart, for I am not there.

Your presence was everything to me; don’t rush for I am not there. I have already moved on.

I Am Not There Quotes

I trusted you will all my life, only for you to smear it with mud. I am no longer there, don’t come looking for me.

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Life was so beautiful with you until you decided otherwise. I lost all my trust in you, I don’t know if I will ever get it back; just know I am no longer there for you.

You were all I had, my hope, happiness, and joy. Please don’t come, I am not there anymore.

I may not be that person you ever dreamed of, but I tried my best, and I was always there for you.

Just know the moment you left, you let me down. Now that you need someone and cannot be found, know I am not there.

My life was never at a halt, I had to move on, please I am not there, and I will never be available.

It’s very hard to there for someone who was never there for you. I am not there forever.

Just because you did not see me does not mean that I am not there.

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I Am Not There Poem

I am Not There
I am in the chirping birds
Singing morning choruses for your good day

I am in the cold weeping wind, which brings cold sweet showers on your tired body
I am in the stars that twinkle and that shine your night away
I am in the moon that makes your romantic evening short

Do not weep on my grave for I am not there
Do not cry on my grave for I am not there

I have cried enough in my time
Spare me the tear

I am at peace with myself
Why not you

Do not cry for I am there in your thoughts
I am there in your dreams too

Only till you close me out peacefully I’ll leave.

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