I am Obsessed with you -Quotes, Messages & Poem

I Am Obsessed With You: You have met him or her, after months of dating; they still make your heart race. But the text messages and dates you feel like have reduced. You call, but they don’t pick up the call or call after a long wait. Your love is still strong and feels like you are becoming obsessed.

It is normal to fall in love and being dedicated to a person. Find I Am Obsessed With You Quotes, messages and Poem.

I Am Obsessed With You Quotes

Darling, I would like to be the air that you breathe, be your oxygen for I love you so much. I am obsessed with you.

My love, I am obsessed with you, I would like to be your blanket so that I would keep you warm every single night.

I love you so much, I fear being obsessed with you, I want us to be friends my love.

My worlds had come to an end; you came into my life at the right time. What really matters is my love for you. I am deeply falling in love with you. I can’t imagine a world without you.

You are the only person who is so dear to my heart, my life revolves around you. I feel jealous when I see you with someone else. I am obsessed with you.

If you continue pampering me with your love, I will soon be obsessed with you. I love you dearly.

I Am Obsessed With You Messages

Even if I closed my eyes I will still see you, if I closed my ears I will hear you. You are always in my heart and you are my soul mate. I am obsessed with you.

They say I am obsessed with you, but to me I am dedicated to you. I love you so much.

My desire to fall in love with you has led me to this; I completely love and desire you.

My love for you led me to write poems for you. I am completely consumed by your love. I feel like I am becoming obsessed with you.

I will forever dedicated to you, hope I am not obsessed with you.

Why am I so obsessed with you, you are my life, dreams and everything I ever wished for in life.

I am Obsessed with you Poem

I am Obsessed with you
My thoughts are always yours
My dreams are about you
You are the one my heart desires

My dear, you are the one my soul loves
You are the one I want to spend my life with
How beautiful you are
I cannot resist your inner beauty

I am obsessed with you
How sweet you are
You make me happy
I am incomplete without you

I have never felt like this
I will do anything to be with you
I’ll go out of my way, just to be there for you
I know I am obsessed with you

Your smile sets my heart on fire
Oh! I can’t resist your eyes
When I see you, my stomach fills with butterflies
I am obsessed with you

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