I am Waiting For You My Love

I am waiting for you my love
I am not in a rush
My love for you will never fade
I am knocking at your door
Open the door for me
My love for you is real.

You are still the one I love
The one my heart wants
I can’t love another
I am waiting for you my love

You are the one who makes my heart beat
You are the one who brings happiness to my life
You make me smile
You are the one whom I want to spend my life with

When the sun sunsets
When the stars shine
When the sun rises
I am waiting for you my love

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I have waited for so long
I want to spend my future with you
Come to me my dear
I will love you forever

I Have Been Waiting so Long For You Poem

I have been waiting so long for you
I thought I was lost at sea
Never to find you
Until you showed up

You came to my rescue
I was able to see the light again
When I saw you
I knew I had found the love of my life

I’ve been waiting for too long
Since I met you
It feels so right, warm and true
I know you are the one
The girl I have been waiting for

Your love is all I need
I can’t think my life without you
Though I know you are mine
I will always love you

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I’ve been waiting so long for you
To be with you
To give you my love
Show you the meaning of love
To be the sunshine of your love

Can’t end a way without
Thinking of you
Can’t start a day without
Thinking of you
I am happy the long wait is gone

I’ll Be Waiting for You Poem

My sweetheart
I be right here
I’ll be waiting for you
You are my queen

I’ll be waiting for your love
My heart is only yours
You are the one who
Brings joy to my heart

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I’ll be waiting for you
Come back my dear
I want to love you
I will give you everything you need

I will hold you tight
Never to let you go
We will find a way to
Solve our problems
I’ll be right here waiting for you



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