I Choose You Quotes & Poem

I Choose You Quotes: There are times when you want to express your feelings but can’t find the perfect words, or just don’t know how to do it. There is completely nothing wrong when you explain it to your love.

Choose You Poem, quotes, and messages will enable you to express yourself, why you chose the other person. Share I choose you quotes and poems and let them know exactly how you feel.

I Choose You Quotes

Darling, if I was to meet you again and again. I’ll still choose you.

My love, I choose you, without doubt, you are my heartbeat and I will forever keep choosing you.

I choose you even when time passes, and we become old with wrinkles and gray hair.

I have realized I have been thinking of you so much, I have tried to recall when it started, I realized from the time I chose you.

I choose you to be the queen of my heart, my love, and my heartbeat. I love you.

I Choose You

The best love is the one who makes you become a better person of yourself, other than changing you to become someone else. I choose you to be my love.

Darling, I choose to be with you for the rest of my life. I choose you, to love and cherish.

I choose you. I’ll choose you, even if it’s a million times, I’ll keep choosing you for you are my heartbeat.

No matter where we go, what we do, or what happens. I choose you, my love.

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I Choose You Quotes for Her

The way you make me feel is unimaginable. I choose you today and every day.

No matter where life takes us. I’ll always choose you.

Darling, you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. I choose you over everyone.

You are so caring, kind, and loving. I choose you and I’ll keep choosing you.

Sweetheart, I choose you today and every day.

I can’t imagine being away from you. In every lifetime I choose you.

I Choose You Quotes for Him

No matter the challenges in life, I’ll always choose you. I love you so much.

I have seen the best and worst in you and still, I choose you.

I will do it over and over again. I will choose you.

Whatever path you choose, I will follow you. You are my dream and I would choose you over and over again.

You are the love of my life. I choose you and I’ll choose you over and over again.

Why I Choose You Quotes

I know you are the right person for me, I can feel it with my heart and soul. That’s why I choose you.

You awaken my soul; you make me reach more of your love.

You make me feel alive and bring peace to my mind.

I am much happier when I am with you.

You complete me; you are my world, everything I have ever dreamed of.

You are always my support.

I did not hesitate to choose you for I knew you were the love of my life.

You always find the best in me.

You have taught me to love.

When I am with you I feel at home.

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I Still Choose You quotes

I will still choose you even when you go far away, I will follow you to every corner of the world.

Even when you do not think you are the best for me, I still choose you. My heart yearns for your love.

I still choose you even when you break my heart. No one is perfect.

I will still choose you even when we fight; my love for you is so deep.

I still choose you even when you are still worn out for I cannot imagine a life without you.

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I Chose You Quotes

I chose you even before I met you.

You are so dear to my heart; you give me happiness and joy. I love you so much. That’s why I chose you.

The best decision that I ever made is when I chose you.

A part of me was missing, then you came around and made me complete. I chose you the moment I saw you.

I saw you were perfect, I loved you. I chose you when I saw you were not perfect.

Today I chose you. I chose the happiness, joy, and peace that you give me.

I chose you because with you I feel alive; I feel the love inside my heart. I love you.

I Will Choose You

I will choose you even when nothing seems to be working, for you brighten my world.

Every day I pray for my dream to come true. I found my dream. I will choose you.

I will choose you even when you push me away, even when you frown or are angry at me.

Even on the days when you are not yourself, I will choose you.

Even when you want your space, even when you want to be alone, I will choose you.

I will choose you on this life journey. I will never let you face the world’s challenges alone, I will be your support and shield. I will fight for you.

Even when we don’t agree, I will choose you.

Even when you make me angry, my love for you will not fade. I will choose you still.

Every single day of my life I will choose you and I will keep choosing you.

I will choose you; I knew your love was genuine from the first time we met.

I will choose you, your touch, your hug, and your kiss make me feel at home.

Sweetheart, I will choose you over and over again.

I will choose you every day for the rest of my life.

Darling, I will always choose you no matter what.

I love you since the day I choose you.

I love you and I will choose to love you every single day

Reasons Why I Chose You

You have taught me to be patient.

You show me lots of care.

You are strong.

You have taught me how to love myself.

You are very intelligent.

You are independent.

You light up my life in every way.

You make me laugh.

You are incomparable.

You are honest.

You don’t judge others.

You are the strength I needed in life.

You never hold a grudge.

You are so humble.

You light up every step that I take.

You know how to make those around you happy.

You always know the right words to say that will make me better.

Even when my jokes are not funny, you always try to laugh.

You are so supportive in every way, you let me chase after my dreams.

Why I Choose You poem

I choose you
My whole heart and soul
Will always be yours forever
You are my heartbeat

I will show the world
I choose you
You will be mine
And I will yours

We might not be perfect
We might not be the best
We’ll learn from our mistakes
We’ll grow together

I choose to share
Moments of magic with you
Let’s explore the earth together
Travel far and climb the mountains together

I choose you to be the one,
Who touches my heart and soul,
The one who wipes away my tears
The one who lights my paths
And gives me hope in life.

Found someone who has stolen your heart, someone you want in your life forever. I choose you messages and quotes will enable you to express your feelings. Make your relationship more romantic with I Choose You Quotes.

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