I Love You My Sweetheart

I Love You My Sweetheart – Messages, Quotes & Poems

I Love You Sweetheart: Love is a beautiful feeling, when you love someone you always want to send sweet love messages to them. A sweet message to your loved one can be one of the simplest way to grow your love and friendship. So when things are good or bad, ‘I love you sweetheart message’ can always bring a smile to him or her.

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I Love you Sweetheart Messages

I love you my sweetheart, you mean the world to me and without you my world would be less thrilling. May our promise to love each other forever remain at all time.

My love for you is limitless, you are a dream come true. I cannot believe you gave me a chance to become your sweetheart. I love u my sweetheart.

You are like a rainbow in my life, just when I was about to give up on everything you gave me another reason to believe in a bright life and colorful life ahead. Love you my sweetheart.

The joy I feel each time I am with you proves that we are meant to be together. Sweetheart, I love you with all my heart.

When I met you my heart went a skip, you looked amazing and still do, I love you to the moon and back.

True love is hard to find and what we share is more than true love, it a true bond that joins us for the rest of our life, Love you my sweetheart.

It is only love that makes our world beautiful. Without it many would lack the will to face life. I say so because I know what you mean to me. I love you my sweetheart.

The best way to know that I am loved by a great person is when I look in your eyes, you may not say it but I know in your heart you have a place for me. Love you very much my sweetheart.

I Love You Sweetheart Quotes

True love is when you effortlessly love someone, you give your love and your heart is at peace. Love you.

Thank you for loving me, with your love in my life I know that the world is a better place

It takes the heart of two people to build a strong love, and what we share between us is a true picture of that love, love you my sweet heart.

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We all need a motivation to fight on with life’s challenges, to some the motivation is money, to others its fame but for me having you in my life is more than enough reason. Love you my sweetheart.

If I will ever want a picture of my life to be painted I would like it to always show the moment we shared together, love you my sweetheart.

I Love You My Sweetheart Quote

With true love its important what you feel for your partner, but the most important part is when you have moments that you know you will never share with another. This is what I share with you, love you my sweet heart

You know you are in love when you spend years with someone yet in your mind it only looks like few months, Love you

The days when your face glows most is when you find love, having someone to call you my sweetheart is like finding medicine for your heart.

You can tell when someone has found true love; it’s the time they smile just because they thought of someone special in their life.

There are many ways to say I love you sweet heart, but the best way is when you say and do nothing but you can still feel the love.

When you truly love someone the word ‘forever yours’ should not be far away.

Love build many things, its build a family, build lifelong bridges and it makes the world go around.

I Love Message to My Sweetheart

I love you sweetheart

You are like a true diamond in my life

Sparkling love that Is never ending

Glad to have you.


God always knew the plan for mankind

He knew what would make our life better

And for sure it’s only love that will live forever

Love you my sweetheart.


Love, it is not just the most searched topic in life

But it’s also the answer to many question

I love you and you have answered my life love’s questions

Sweet heart, I love.


To be loved is an amazing thing

But when we are loved back

It is the best thing

It creates an experience that can never be found anywhere else

I love you my sweetheart.


You touched my heart with your smile

You took my mind with your looks

And now our lives belong together

I love you my sweetheart.

Love Messages for My Sweetheart

They say I am lucky to have you but I say I am blessed to have. You are heaven sent gift from God. I love you my sweet heart.

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The love that I feel for you is unconditional. It goes deep in my heart and for me, forever is the time I want to spend with you.

I don’t know the exact word to show you my love, I only plan to show you how much I love.

When God gave you to me I made a prayer that He may always help me to take care of you in the best way I can. Sweetheart, thank you for loving me.

Times waits for no one, with you in my life I have planned to enjoy every moment with you. I love you my sweet heart

They say life is short but as long as I have you, I will always know that God gave me the best, love you with all my heart.

Let every moment that passes on make you know how much I love,

Be happy and have confidence, even when the world is not with you, I will always be with you. I love you my sweetheart.

Sweetheart, I love you. I may want to give you everything that you want but I may not be able. I will only promise you what I know I can with fulfill. But one thing I know I will always give you is my unconditional love.


I Love You My Sweetheart Poem

I love you my sweet heart
You are always in my heart
And I will always love you
All the days of my life

I have waited
The whole of life
Just to be with you
You are so sweet my love

I would travel to the end of the world
Just to be with you my sweetheart
To enjoy every moment with you
I love you my sweet heart

You are the one
Who has helped me find myself in this life
The love we share is great
I will be always there for you
I love you my sweetheart

Your Sweetness Poem

There is something about you
It always draws me towards you
Is it your beauty?
Oh! It’s your sweetness

You are driving me crazy
I can’t control it
Your beauty
It’s like charm

The way you talk
The way you smile
Oh! You are driving me crazy
Your sweetness is all I want

When I am around you
I feel week
I can’t control myself
Can’t fight this feeling

Oh my dear
Let me look into your eyes
Your love is so sweet
I cannot fight the way I feel
I want your sweetness

As sweet as you Poem

No one is as sweet as you
Waited for long
To meet her,
Know her and understand her better

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You came my way
I loved you since passed my path
You are the love of my life
I am addicted to your company
You are so sweet my love

When I am with you
I feel safe,
I feel comfortable
I become myself
There’s nothing sweet as you.

Every day I am longing to be with you
Fall into your arms
Hear your sweet words
You complete my world
I love you.

One Sweet Day with You Poem

I never knew this day would come
Now that you are leaving
I want you to stay
I want one sweet day with you

I believe it’s not too late
I want one sweet day with you
There are things I need to tell you
I can’t wait any longer

I can’t live without you
I have known you for so long
You are my heart desire
I want to be with you forever

You are the one who keeps me alive
I love you so much
Words alone cannot express how I feel
I need you in my life

I don’t want to lose you
Give me one sweet day with you
Let me tell you everything I feel
I know things will change

I never showed you
How much I love you
One sweet day with you
Is all I need

Sweetness of Your Love Poem

I am lost in the sweetness of your love
I’m deeply in love
From the first time I met you
You are always in my mind

I’d travel to the farthest end to the world
Just to be with you
To hold and love you
The sweetness of your love is so sweet
All I ever think is about your love

I can do anything for you
To get a chance to love you
To have you close to me
If you told me to elope with you
I would for the sweetness of your love

For the sweetness of your love
I do not ever wish to leave
I’d go anywhere
I’d be what you want me to be
I’d follow you anywhere

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