I Miss You Quotes for Her

I Miss You Quotes for Her

Looking for I miss you quotes for her or missing quotes for her? There is someone always close to our hearts but our daily schedule always keeps us busy.

That does not mean that you don’t love her. You can make for your busy schedule by sending missing you quotes for her.

Sometimes we have to be away for sometime either for business or studies and you feel like you miss her so much.

Distance is no barrier in expressing your love for her. Find I Miss You Quotes for her that you can send her. These Miss You Messages and Quotes will inspire you to write your own unique miss you message.

I Miss You Quotes for Her

1. I miss you so badly; my heart yearns for your love. I hope to see you soon.

2. Hope you miss me the way I miss you. Life without you is difficult. I miss you sweetheart.

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3. My life is like it has stagnated without you near me. I miss you dearly.

4. I’m praying for you to come back soon, I miss you daily my love

5. I miss beautiful smile; I miss your voice. I miss the sound of your heart beat next to mine.

Missing You Quotes for Her

1. Darling, the moment you left, it’s like you took my heart. I am missing you so much. Please come back so that I can have my heart.

2. Though you’re not around, I can’t hide my feelings for you. I am missing you.

3. The house is so empty without you, you are the missing link. Come back soon sweetheart, I missing you.

4. When you said goodbye, is like you went with part of me. Now I feel like I am not alive. I am waiting for you so that I can live again.

5. Darling, I long to hold you in my arms, kiss you and whisper in your ears my love for you. I am missing you baby.

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I Will Miss You Quotes For Her

1. I am already missing you even before we say goodbye. I will dearly miss you.

2. Nothing can kill my love for you, not even the distance. I will miss you so much.

3. Your absence will leave a big void in my heart. I will miss you.

4. You are always in my thoughts; people wonder why I always call your name. it’s because I miss you so much.

5. I may not be able to give you all you ask for right now, this distance is preventing me, hope you come home soon. I miss you

I Miss You Messages for Her

1. Though we are separated by distance, you are always in my heart. My dreams are always about you. I miss you.

2. Your love makes our home beautiful. It makes our home look so jovial. Now that you are not here it looks so dull. I miss you darling.

3. I miss you so much my dear, don’t worry I will wait for you no matter how long it takes.

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4. I feel like things aren’t fine, I am missing you. Can’t wait for you to come back home.

5. I am not asking so much; all I want is to see you just for a minute as I miss you so much.

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