I Miss Your Touch Quotes – Longing For Your Touch

I Miss Your Touch Quotes: Distance should never be a hindrance on in your relationship. There are times when you miss the touch of your love. Or long for their touch. In this article you will find I Miss Your Touch Quotes and Longing for Your Touch Messages & quotes


I Miss Your Touch Quotes

1. Darling, I miss your touch so much. I will stop missing you when you hold me.

2. I miss your touch, just like day misses the night.

3. Sweetheart, I try as much a not to miss you, but I cannot resist missing your touch. How I need it right now. I love you.

4. I can’t want to meet you, for my heart is burning with love. I really miss your magical touch.

5. I miss the sound of your voice, the sweet words you whisper to my ears and your soft touch. I love you.

6. The first touch was the beginning of memorable moments with you. Your kiss, the way you hold me in your arms. I really miss your touch.

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7. The more I think of you, the more I miss your kiss and touch. I love you so much my love.

8. I am constantly looking at the door, hoping you will knock, hug me and take me into your arms for I am missing your touch.

9. Even though I think about you every day, I miss your touch.

10. I never thought I would miss you this much, no single day that I don’t think about you. I really miss your magical touch.

11. Love is the feeling that you feel inside, but I still want to feel your touch. I dearly miss your touch.

12. I keep myself busy, but every time I stop, I miss your touch.

Longing For Your Touch

1. You know you are in love when you can’t stop thinking about the other person. I can’t stop thinking about you. I am longing for your touch. To be with you all day and night, I love you.

2. As I lay on my bed, I long for your touch. I want you to hold me tight throughout the night. I love you sweetheart.

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3. My charming love, I am longing for your touch, to spend time together, to be with you forever. I can’t wait for that day to come.

4. You are the king of my heart, the places we have been, my soul and body makes me want more of you. I really long for your touch. I love you.

5. I can feel your love; I can feel your kiss, your touch on me. I am longing for your touch tonight.

6. I have never longed for any touch until you touched me. My legs become weak when your fingertips find its way down my body. Right now I am longing for your touch

7. My Love, I long to feel you next to me, to hold you tight as we fight off the winter cold, come closer my love. I long for your touch.

Your touch on me Poem

Your touch on me
Sends a wave through my body
Your touch is
What I want

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Love is in the air
Your smile so beautiful
My life is not complete
Without your touch on me

You are so far
Yet so near
Can’t wait to see you
Longing for your touch on me

Everyday you are
In my thoughts
Cant wait to hold you
To feel  your touch on me.

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