I Need You Tonight Poems

I Want You Tonight Poems: Want more of your love tonight. Let him or her know using I need you tonight poems.

Find I need you tonight poem, a warm night with you poem, how much I need you poem, I need your love poem, and you are all I need poem.

I Need You Tonight Poem

My sweetheart
I need you tonight
I am waiting for you tonight
I want more of you

Give me a moment
Hear what I have to say
I have a lot to tell you
You are making me go crazy

I will not sleep early
There is something about you
That makes me want you more
I can’t get enough of you

I need to open up my heart to you
Say what’s on mind
Deep within my heart
I really need you tonight


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A Warm Night With You Poem

I want to be close in your arms
Have a warm night with you

I am freezing of love
I want to feel your warmth
Come close to me my dear

Let me slide into your arms
Rest in your embrace

Hold me tight
And whisper into my ears
A warm night with you is all I want

How Much I Need You Poem

You wanted to know
How much I need you
You are my life
My soul and happiness

You are all that I need
You are the air that I breathe
You are my dark and my light
You are the joy in my soul

You are my ups and my downs
You are the reason I work harder
You are my stars in the sky
That’s how much I need you

You are my strength
You are my weakness
You are my heartbeat
The love of my life

You are my everything
I am lost without you
Your love keeps me alive
That’s how much I need you

I Need Your Love Poem

My sweetheart
I need your love
Come over
I need your love tonight

When I am low
You know how to make me feel better
You know how to lift my spirits
I need your love

Things have not been that right
It’s not the end
We can mend things
Start over

When I see you
I can’t resist you
I want to be in your arms
Do you feel the same?

I need your love
I will give you heart
My time is yours
Give me your love

I belong to you
I give you my love
I can’t fight this feeling
I can’t win the battle
I need your love

You are all I Need Poem

You are all I need
You are my joy
You are my happiness
You are the love of my life

When I am with you
My heart is at peace
I cannot get you out of my mind
You are all I need

You are my attraction
You fill my thoughts
Before I go to sleep
And the first thing in the morning when I wake up

I want to be in your arms
To fill your warmth
Hold me, baby
You are all I need

I will love you will all my heart
I will be there for you
My love is all yours
You are all I need

I Need You Quotes

Even if I wanted to leave, there is no way I will be able to. There is something that always pulls me to you; it makes me crave for you. You are the one who fills my life with energy. I need you.

I want to be with someone whom I can’t be away from. I need you in my life.

I need you to see you are the reason why I am this happy.

I have had a rough day and what I need is you to hold me in your arms and comfort me. I need you tonight.

I need someone to talk to me, to hold me, and comfort me throughout the night. I need you.

I Need You Quotes for Him

Darling, I am feeling a little down, I need you to hold me tight and cheer me up. I need you tonight.

Your love, your touch, your smile is all I need you right now. I need you tonight my love.

I can never find the right words to express my love for you; together we can make the best couple. I need you.

The minute you say goodbye, I start missing you. You are everything to me and I wouldn’t miss you if we were together. I need you.

My life is incomplete without you; I need you in my life for it to be complete.

I Need You Quotes for Her

I wonder if you are free tonight, can you come over for dinner. I need you tonight my love.

You are the reason why I am losing my sleep; I need you tonight my love so that I can have my sleep back.

I enjoy your company so much, I love being with you, my love. I need you forever.

Just like the flowers need sunshine, I need you in my heart to be happy.

Even if I can do without you, I don’t want to because you are the queen of my heart. I need you tonight.

Come over my love, I want to cuddle you all night; I need you tonight my love.

I don’t want to hide, I don’t want to chase you, I need to hold you tight, be with you forever. Come closer, my love. I need you.

You are the one I dream about every night and think about you every second. I need you, my love.

You are my wish, my dream, my love, and my world. I need you.

It hurts to see you leave every day; I need you to stay by my side forever.

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