I Still Love You

Don’t tell me you are leaving
I cannot understand why
After all we have sacrificed
I still love you

I made myself believe you will be back
Days have passed,
You are nowhere to be seen
I still love you

It hurts so much
See you like this
Seeing us part ways
If we don’t belong to each other
There is someone out there for each one of us

I can believe you will not be mine
I can’t make that decision alone
You are the one I ever wanted
I still love you

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You Are Still the Love of My Life Poem

I can remember the first time we met
Your beauty was like a shining star
Your smile, is all I wanted
Years have passed, but you are still the love of my life

Since we met, a lot has happened
We have lots of memories to share
If we started to say them today
It will take months to tell

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My love, you are still the love of my life
Nothing has changed
Your eyes, your smile, your beauty
Is like a charm

There might be some ups and downs
That does not mean is the end of everything
Many thought it’s the end of your relationship
They were wrong, it made our love strong

This love will never end
I will cherish you forever
You are still the same person I met
You’re still the love of my life

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