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I Still Love You Messages: There is that one person in your life you will always love no matter what happens. Even if they are leaving, or you are not on good terms you will still love them.

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I Still Love You Messages

You hurt me so much, you made me cry, but I can’t believe I still love you after all the pain you have caused me.

I have realized even if you don’t mean anything to me I still love you. I still remember the magical moments we shared, but my heart pains more when I know everything has changed.

I can’t hold any beating and heartbreak from you. My life has been through hell and back. I am better off without you but I still love you.

How can I stop thinking about you, no matter the many years of separation I still love you.

Even if you break my heart, I will still love you.

The day I met you, is the day my world changed. You became my world. Everything was magical. Now my heart bleeds when I see you. I want to forget the past but I cannot because I still love you.

I Still Love You Message for Her

My life revolves around you; you are my joy, my love, and my smile. You hurt me; I still love you, though we have to go different ways.

I had a dream, a future with you, but you threw everything away. I have been left with a broken heart. But there is something left about you in my heart that makes me still love you.

You have given me joy and happiness; I can’t stand the fact that we are parting ways when I still love you.

How I wish you knew you were my everything, my joy, and comfort, though it’s too late.  In my heart I still love you.

I Still Love You Quotes

I loved you before, I still love you today. I will love you tomorrow and I will forever love you.

You shattered my dreams, but I still love you so much.

After all these years, nothing has changed. I still love you dearly.

Outward I may look as if I never want you, but inside my heart I still love you.

You came into my life for a purpose; you gave me hope and happiness. Even if you have left, I want you to know that I still love you.

I keep myself busy not thinking about you, but every time I stop, my heart tells me I still love you.

Darling, since the day you left, I can’t get over you. What can I do my love, I still love you.

I Still Love You Messages for Him

My days are longer and nights colder since you walked away. I can’t live like this since I still love you. I can’t forget the beautiful moments we have shared. I want to love you again my love.

Ever since you are gone, my days are lonely and boring. Let’s go back to the way things were. I want to make things right. I still love you, my love.

You make me cry, but my heart yearns for your love. I still love you.

No matter how many times I say I have moved on, I still have feelings for you. I still love you, baby.

The year is almost coming to an end. It’s amazing how time flies. My love for you does not change; you are the one that I chose among the millions of people. I still love you, sweetheart.

I Still Love You Message for Her

How can I still not love you after all the joy we have shared? You are my all and I still love you, my dear.

You said it was a great love, but why am I still feeling lonely, come back my love. Let’s make things right. I still love you.

I don’t know how I still think of you even after breaking my heart. I still love you.

This is not the end of the world, it does not mean I can’t move on or find another person to love me. It’s only that I can’t move on with our memories. My feelings are still with you. I still love you, sweetheart.

I can’t hide my feelings, no matter how hard I try. You are my everything and I am yours. You are still my world. I want you back in my life for I still love you.

Tell me I am wrong and I will leave, please don’t break my heart again. I still love you.

Despite everything I still love you.

I still love you like the first day that I loved you.

I Still Love You Poem

Don’t tell me you are leaving
I cannot understand why
After all, we have sacrificed
I still love you

I made myself believe you will be back
Days have passed,
You are nowhere to be seen
I still love you

It hurts so much
See you like this
Seeing us part ways
If we don’t belong to each other
There is someone out there for each one of us

I can believe you will not be mine
I can’t make that decision alone
You are the one I ever wanted
I still love you

You Are Still the Love of My Life Poem

I can remember the first time we met
Your beauty was like a shining star
Your smile is all I wanted
Years have passed, but you are still the love of my life

Since we met, a lot has happened
We have lots of memories to share
If we started to say them today
It will take months to tell

My love, you are still the love of my life
Nothing has changed
Your eyes, your smile, your beauty
Is like a charm

There might be some ups and downs
That does not mean is the end of everything
Many thought it’s the end of your relationship
They were wrong, it made our love strong

This love will never end
I will cherish you forever
You are still the same person I met
You’re still the love of my life

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