I will love you forever

I will love you forever Poem

Baby, I will love you forever
You will always be in my heart
Even if we are far apart
You are what my heart desires

You are my light
You make my days bright
You are the last thing in my mind
When I go to sleep at night

When am low
You lift up my mood
You give me the peace of mind
That I need

You have won my heart
You are always there,
When in need you most
I will love you forever

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There is no one
Who can love me like you do
I want to spent my life with you
I will love you forever

I Will Love You All My Life Poem

You mean everything to me
You are my world
The one who gives me strength
I will love you all my life

I want to say it today
Don’t want to wait tomorrow
Or the following day or next year
I love you with all my heart

No one understands how I feel
There is this feeling I have for you
Want to be near you
Want to wake up next to you every morning

No matter what comes our way
I will stand by your side
I will be there for you
I will love you all my life

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I can’t help myself
Everything I own is all yours
I will do things the right way
Make you the happiest in the world
I love you.

Forever in Your Mind Poem

If you want to know
Where your heart is,
Look at where your mind wanders.
You will find the one
Who is forever in your mind

I would love to be the one,
Who is in your thoughts
Spending most of my time with you
Forever in your mind

I Love You till the End Poem

Sweetheart, I just want to see you
To be close to you
I can’t hide my feelings
I love you till the end

When I am alone
I can feel your presence
I want to touch you
Fell your soft body
You are all I want and love till the end

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I want to take you places
Places you have never been before
To share the love
That is burning within us

I want us to travel together
Be there for each other
In time of happiness or sadness
I will love you till the end





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