Nice Meeting You Messages – It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

Nice Meeting You Messages: It is always a pleasure meeting new people in your life, but sometimes it can very stressful finding the right words to say to make a lasting impression.

Nice Meeting You Messages

Sometimes we don’t know our destiny, the people we meet on our journey of life. It was nice meeting you.

You are so lovely; you met me with a smile which is a thousand words. Nice meeting you.

Let me be honest, it was nice meeting you. I really appreciate your company.

It is a pleasure meeting you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Nice meeting you, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Hope you meet you soon.

I love your smile. It was nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you, I think you are my other half.

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Nice To Meet You Text Messages

Life is beautiful when you find someone who makes you happy. Thank you for making me happy. It was nice to meet you.

They say when you find a treasure you would want to keep it forever. Nice to meet you!

This is a journey of a lifetime. To me it has been nice meeting you.

No matter how you say it, it’s been a pleasure to meet you.

Hi it’s nice to meet you, tell more about yourself.

Nice to meet you, you’re super cute. You think I could keep you?

Nice To Meet You SMS

1. You’re such an amazing lady; it was nice to meet you.

2. You are extraordinary person; it was a real pleasure to meeting you.

3. It’s a pleasure to meet you

4. Pleased to meet you

5. It’s lovely to meet you

6. It’s been a pleasure meeting you

7. It was nice to have met you

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8. Glad to meet you

9. It was lovely meeting you

10. Great interacting with you

11. I had a great meeting /great time

12. How wonderful to meet you

13. Great seeing you

14. It was a pleasure to have met you

15. It was a pleasure to meet you

It’s a Pleasure to Meet You Poem

How great it is to have you
You are so special to me
You are the love of my life
It’s a pleasure to meet you

You have made my life to be more jubilant
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
How I love to be next to you
You are such a wonderful person

I have walked all corners of the world
Seeking for a treasure
You are the treasure I have been seeking
Didn’t know you were right here

You give my dreams meaning
If it were not you
I would not have accomplished in life
It’s a pleasure to meet you

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I am the luckiest person
Having met you
Has changed my life for good
I am always grateful, I met you

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